Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There's something about AMY..

who is an exceptional artisan who creates what I like to call usable art.

I "met" Amy in her VintageHome shop on Ebay several years ago when I was searching for a comforting pillow and some vintage linens. What did I find? The perfect combination - a visual delight made with materials from a past era. Just what the doctor ordered...

literally. : )

RA was in a flare and my PT suggested "pretty" comfortable pillows to distract from the 24/7 pain. I call it pillow therapy...and it REALLY works. These pillows aren't just pretty but PRETTY AMAZING!!!

But beyond pillows can be found other treasures: lavendar sachets, totes, banners, push pins, magnets, tea towels, etc. all enchanced/covered in materials of fond memories.


pennant banner




~OTHER Vintage Home pillows (including my Yo Yo favorites) can be found in a previous entry.

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