Monday, January 5, 2009

Old Christmas Morning

According to the popular poem by Roy Helton, Old Chrismas Morning was a time when Elderberry bushes bloomed and spirits walked the earth.

If we use the Julian calendar, this would place the date at January 5. Today.

Some of the students and staff at Grimm's Fabled Academy for Girls have gathered to meet ancient, ghostly relatives and spirits in the form of Robert Tonner dolls.

The Dickens Ghosts: Future, Present, and Past.

In addtion to the trio who are walking a long ways still are Euphemia (red) and Kai (Snow Queen collection.) Euphemia wears
In the Mist is the second installment from Walter Plunkett's 'lost costume' sketches from GONE WITH THE WIND™. This costumes reflects Scarlett's heartbreak and inner turmoil from the final moments of the film. Plunkett's sketch is brought to life in amazing detail and consists of a deep blue velvet dress with a detachable deep blue and black bustled train and removable collar and cuffs with intricate embroidery. The finishing details include a replica cameo brooch, white pantyhose with attached panties, lace-up faux leather boots, and beaded black earrings


  1. These are just wonderful. Kind of takes me to 'another place'...a rather nice place at that.

  2. And I must add that the lovely little goth girl in your prints hugging the ghosts (I own two plus a few of your ACEOs) remind me of the Tonner doll - Agnes Dreary or as I call her sweet sinister Aggie!