Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One last doll...right LOL

In the midst of all the sales, it is difficult NOT to purchase that doll you thought you might want but really didn't need. Especially when the retail price has been reduced by 50/75 percent.

Keep telling myself that Luna Lovegood will be my absolute last doll - excluding anything Agnes Dreary (and only Agnes - not Viktor or Sister). AND I will NOT purchase her at high end price tags (until she goes "sold out" and I go into doll shock at my loss.)

So putting futuristic Luna Lovegood aside, decided she needed a boyfriend - checked the online sales and AngelicDreamz had a Frank Hardy that was fine in face and perfectly priced along with FREE shipping. And who can pass up that? Also got the Ron Weasley out of school outfit that will offer Frankie more fashion options.
Casual Set - RON WEASLEY
LE 1000
Includes long sleeve sweater, hooded jacket, pants, shoes and socks. Please note that this outfit is made to fit the RON WEASLEY™ doll and may not exactly fit the HARRY POTTER™ doll (Ron is slightly taller than Harry

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