Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Journey - and all the days thereafter

Weak pictures - camera/downloading woes - sniff to tears BUT here are more of the journey to Halloween 2011 at Drearydom Larks!

EW My Tell Tale Heart (Wilde Imagination)

Madame Myst, Lucine, Ringmistress, Waif, Giggles, Teezer of the Sinister Circus (Tonner)

Tiny BJDs - Elf (Goodreau), Hujoo (Junky Spot), Anonynous 5ver (Goodrearu), Pig (Goodreau)

Lovely Amy (Elfdoll) wearing Goodreau

The obvious Drearys (Viktor, Brother, Sister, Agnes) from Tonner surround vintage circa Baby Face #1 Galoob wearing her goth fashion from Ebayer 1ofakind49. The extra Dreary is No Frills Sister dressed in the fashion Dark Desire from EG by WI. What happened to the orginal Evangeline was too ghastly to re-tell. Only AM knows the truth!!!

The Kish Kids for Halloween 2011 - re-named Joon - Urban Song (Kish Chrysalis line) and re-painted by Nancy Lee Moran wears a fashion from Goodreau, 12 inch Floral Revelry Bethany wears a fashion from Ebayer SSDesigns, Lisbet wears her little witch frock/hat by Ebayer mrsbobbinsews, and little Miki's crocheted pumpkin attire is by Ebayer dollsbybarbie. No, Tulah the tuff wasn't forgotten - she will be presented another day closer to Halloween!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Journey - Day 6

Vintage - Remembering the inexpensive haunting fun fashions from Ty Girlz -

That skelly look

Fashions with an NCIS Abs look

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Journey - day five

My DH went to Ikea in MN while visiting his offspring;he came home with this gift for me -

Neighbor visited with her Irish Setter today. Pretty soon we saw sweet Lucy walk past with my Ikea rat dangling gently from her mouth. Embarassed, my neighbor rescued the rat and stated that Lucy loves/has her own stuffed animal collection. The dog won't go to sleep unless she is snuggled next to one.

Wait - I wonder if I could get Lucy intersted in collecting dolls - and starting a club per chance????

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Journey - days three and FOUR

(click on picture to enlarge)

Turns out Mortimer does have a family - large and happy at that! Mort and Amanda were very young when they wed. : ) Luna is their oldest - Tempe is the youngest. However - they are always adopting more - so the family size might augment any time now. Halloween is being spent in the sun and surf of Jamacia where their costumes will be swimsuits! (Not shown here)

Halloween Journey - days THREE and four

Since I missed yesterday - well -  I haven't been to bed yet so it seems like yesterday to me - I will present the pics from yesterday and today - today - in two separate posts.

Here's a vintage for day 3

The Kish kids dressed as THEMSELVES for Halloween 2010. What are they looking at?

Why its's Tinkerbell!

and - she's stuck in a tree soon to be rescued by the might chaperones: No Frills Sister Dreary and Sinister Circus Ringmister. The Kish kids are safe doing their trick or treating with these two in charge!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloween Journey - day two

The dolls are getting dressed for their display at the town library in the Halloween showcase. Tonner/Effanbee's Ann Estelle's Halloween character will be a MOUSE! (borrowed from a Muffy VanderBear).  Dollmore Love Amy (the older sister) is just looking cool in her mod wear from Etsy doll fashion artist Charie Wilson Grenier. As for little Lilah - she simply wants to play with her Donald Duck toy. Witches/Clowns and the colors black/orange startle the poor deary.

(click on picture to enlarge)

(Click on link below to see Charie/cyw159's fashions on Etsy)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day one of the journey to Halloween

Let the sound of horse hooves over cobblestones and the thrill of night rides in a black carriage begin -

Simone Rouge from Tonner wears Scarlett in Mourning from MA while standing in front of her black carriage from the VanderBear collection. Fluffy Muffy was nowhere to be found.