Sunday, November 21, 2010

A few less dolls in Drearydom bc

 they will be on display at the Oldest House in Laceyville for a bit.

Have spent several days picking and choosing and packing to go. Who gets to go? The primary theme we selected was dolls from film, literature and the performing arts. But then decided a few baby and girly dolls needed to be added to the list:
Here it is so far -

Tonner / Effenbee Dolls
Pirates of the Caribbean (2) ~ Golden Compass (3) ~ Harry Potter (3) ~ Hardy Boys (1)
Harley Quinn (1) ~ Snow White (1) ~ Janet Lennon (1) ~ Wizard of Oz (1)
The Snow Queen (3) ~ Twilight (2) ~ Alice in Wonderland (2) ~ Tiny Betsy (3) ~ Tiny Kitty (2) Kickits (4) ~ Ann Estelle (3) ~ Agnes Dreary (6) ~ Emme (1) ~ Fancy Nancy (1)

Ashton Drake
Delilah Noir (1) ~ Jackie Kennedy (1) ~ Emily the Strange (1)

Helen Kish
Bitty Bethany (2) ~ Kish Kids (3)
OOAK (1) Re-born by Joe Bouland ~ My Twinns (2) ~ Madame Alexander (3) Barbie (2)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The tarot card of Death doll (Tonner Halloween Convention 2010)

 Wicked Witch sculpt by Tonner presents an amazing presentation for Death

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For the CAAD members out there - Gorey cat says:

 And for giveaway 11 15 we find the card that landed on top belonged to...

SALLY! Congratulations!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

KK - stockings from a giveaway

KathyG sent these my way. Smiles (some selling this Momoko doll for 180 on Ebay) choses winter wear attire. Great boots from Ruby Red Galleria. Hat from Ellen Harris.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kawaii Korner style dolls

My first Jenny and Momoko were purchased as display dolls for my Re-Ment collection. They have been shown previously on this blog. Guess I was never quite fair to the gals bc they were not appreciated for their own beauty. Only display models.

Fast  forward - The regular group of CAAD hasn't been very Dreary lately (pardon the pun). Fellow Agdrearyian and doll friend Nikki bought a Misaki and posted pics of her to Kawaii Korner. Knowing I had one Jenny and several Momokos she sent me the link to also join.

Kawaii Korner states they are "The 'korner' on the net where collectors of Blythe, Pullip, Momoko, Misaki, J-Doll, Susie, Volks/ Obitsu, Jenny, Licca, Kurhn, Azone, Petworks, Sekiguchi and Dolly Style dolls can hang out!"

The difference between these dolls and the Drearys? The Drearys are from Tonner and not BJDs. (Except for Stone Cold Agnes Dreary LE 50 who debuted at the 2010 hallween Convention last weekend) The KK girls are mostly 1/6 size BJDs from Asia. Posting on KK allows this type of doll ONLY to be pictured on their board. (I know bc I posted one of My Twinns, Momokos, and Fancy Nancy all dressed up in pink/blue ballet attire and it was removed and I was informed - rightfully so).

The next several blog posts will be showing the Kawaii Korner style dolls in my collection.

Pullip Dal Jun Planning Black Butler Grell arrived this week. Her rename is Nikki (in honor of my dear friend who happens to also be a red) and who encouraged me to join Kawaii Korner!

Correction: Robert Tonner has created other BJDs in addition to the new Stone Cold Agnes. Some examples are BJD Tiny Betsy and Tyler sized fashion doll.

The other little doll

Not a girl doll at all but the first boy released to Ty Girlz. When the Grimm Girls were active in storylines, I would purchase multiples for them - Ty Girlz fashions fit and were affordable. This little boy was wearing jeans and a varsity shirt which worked well for Viktor. Most of the super flashy TG collection got undressed and shipped to Interfaith charity. But I kept this one bc it reminded me of the unadorned little girls in the 50s - most particularly me when I was around nine. LOL Her Halloween costume was a cauldron for trick or treat and and orange barrette in her hair.

Va Va Voom - Amanda Evert stands out

The force to recon with for Lara Croft. Not my usual fare in dollies but if I had to create a character for her in Drearydom - she would make a might powerful PE instructor. Her face up is perfectly detailed along with her inking. And for being such a badie - she even has red toenails. : )