Sunday, June 21, 2009

Colorful Cuties from the Tonner doll world

Aren't these colorful Martians and elf from Tonner just the cutest?????

Storyline update - take two

Hmmmm - seems like Nettles is out of the picture and Serene IS going to the dance after all!

The Girls of Summer

Neat shorts, cool tops, wild canvas shoes and ice cream - shared with best doll friends. What more could a doll ask for on the first day of summer??? : )

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Auntie Penne - thank you!

My friend Penne sends presents to her doll collector friends on HER birthday (May 25) how WONDERFUL is that? Jenny and Lexie thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Prom Memories

Nettles got to go to the dance - poor Serene wasn't asked. Sigh.

Dolly Don'ts

Wow - Guess I have been in the Dolly Don'ts for a bit - real life takes over somehow. So I thought I'd post some pics of the dolls - ready for sunshine and and all summer birthdays.

Happy Birthday Janeen

and J

and Linda, Susan, Carol Ann and all my other summer BDay friends.