Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kishes of Summer 2013

Although they may never make it to the beach, the Kish kids are quite satisfied to stay shelf bound for their summer vacation 2013.

Doll Bones

Every doll has a story and Doll Bones is one of the best doll adventure reads yet. Set in contemporary Pennsylvania, three young teens, with a passion for character gaming, set off for a cemetery in Ohio to bring the queen doll to her final resting place.

Thank you for all of it NE!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Happily Falls ...

We're talking about French doll artist Nefer Kane's Humpty Dumpty "eggster" doll and she has happily fallen into Pennsylvania and landed on a doll shelf. (Click on pic to enlarge)

Her sister dolls adore her as does her owner.

HD welcomed by her doll sisters: Violet Goth ABCer (Paulette Goodreau/Michele Hardy face-up), Valentina Rose 1 (Lorella Falconi), THE AMAZING HD (Nefer Kane), Lydia Grimmsley (Kim Lasher), and Amber Studio Doll Little Darling (Dianna Effner/Geri Uribe face-up).

Oh, and the BEST part HD can wear shoes and outfits intended for Tonner's 10 inch Ann Estelle and the new Patsy.

The post from Nefer's FB page.