Monday, January 30, 2012

Goodnight BEAR

Remember reading Goodnight Moon to your children, grandchildren, or the kiddies you babysat? That simple little book made the toughest of the lot pause in appreciation of youth and the miracles that could be found in childhood surroundings.

When Janet from the Amelia Thimble group posted this wonderful picture of her tiny doll - the comforting memories of childhood surfaced once more.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hugetta - part 3

I do own three My Twinns and a few AGs. Never have I owned a doll of this magnitude. When BDFF AM exchanged info about Wednesday's Child after having seen her at the Halloween convention, we both vowed Hugetta would never be added to our collections - esp with a MSRP of  $250. Then we admitted  that we might add her if she dropped down to - let's say twenty-five dollars and - she did! We were obligated. LOL

A size comparison - next to Lenore from My Twinn -

 A size comparison next to Tiny Betsy and Amelia Thimble

Here is Wednesday's Child (re-named Archer) living happily among the dolls in Drearydom Larks.

Side Note: When DH saw her he claimed she wasn't Halloween scary after all - but had a nice calm face. I felt the same way - but then again I too was born  a Wednesday's child (is full of woe)!

Huge - part two

 This package is not only bigger than a breadbox but as high as my four drawer high Cushman dresser.

 The doll shipper was housed in a box that resembled a coffin or a vault more than a typical Uline.

 This big shipper on the left houses the doll of question next to an Agnes Dreary shipper.

 Here is a typical full size bed.

Here is the same bed with doll box and shipper covering 2/3s of the comforter.

One can say huge things are happening here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Well - this is - um - HUGE

                                                            (Click on pic to enlarge)

Draco - Guess I'm not the newest doll in Drearydom anymore.
AD - You can't possibly believe there's a doll in that box!?
Draco - Maybe she got a new pal for My Twinn Lenore.
Carly  (from upstairs) - You two stay away from that package. A proper unboxing will occur tomorrow.
AD (big eye roll) This place has just gone from Drearydom to DrearyDUMB!

Friday, January 13, 2012

A prim for Agnes Flexi (from Etsyian Needledoodles)

Calling this a combined dolls for dolls and prim post. I always feel better when my displays present the dolls with an appropriate prop nearby or in hand. This - then - requires a separate accumulation of mini toys and dolls.

Flexi Agnes was sitting so lonely in her twig chair (eyes tired from wearing her glasseds and too much online time w/ her mini computer  from Auntie Penne). Friday the 13th and not a Dreary was celebrating. Etsy came to the rescue in my search for a prim pal especially for Flexi. All better now (says Flexi wearing a big Dreary non-grin bc Drearys never smile you know).

link below

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dolly Mini Me - perhaps

When most doll collector's are asked which doll resembles them - they have an answer. I never did. I just looked like oldie but (mostly) goodie me - and no doll I knew of.

Today I connected a new printer/scanner which had me searching through boxes of photos for things to scan and I think I may have found a mini me dolly connect! At the age of three to five.

It's the wide opened eye stare that seals it! LOL The doll is a MDCC Mini Ginny from St. Petersburg.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh Baby (the LN Harris kind)

This little darling is  (Ellery Kish)  a OOAK named Shylee by LN. This doll is perfection - from her body resin to hair to face-up. What a beauty - I am spellbound and so delighted to have her in my collection!!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dolls on the shelf - New Year's Day 2012

(click on pictures to enlarge)

New dolls added in 2011 - fingers crossed Mr. Tonner decides to add some new Drearys for 2012.

On the other hand - doll friends are In The Know

(click on pics to enlarge)

Thank you so much, dear friends. You made the holidays sparkle!!!!

With love and deep appreciation - CW

So that's what you think of my doll collection????

My son was alarmed when I began collecting dolls five years ago. When he informed  me a 2011 Christmas present from him to me was doll related, I was elated! What could it be? Perhaps that Tonner Tia Dalma I was searching for - or - a Lati White  - maybe???

He got me this book -

Don't believe his opinion of my dolls has changed one bit! LOL