Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Random Team Ted

Some random TED pics from the Liz Frost FB page - and here is her site to view/order when available


Let's dress the little ones

My LT Frost and his BFF Irreal Ery get to indulge in fashions from GuguModa/Etsy!

Rattie - the beginning

A very tired Rattie has arrived (May 2017) - from Australia to NE Pennsylvania! My grail BJD - (soooo excited) Such a beautiful and very well mannered young lady!

What about Little Ted?

LT arrived with Rattie and loves to wear this kitty fashion - esp when playing with the litter of kittens! THANK YOU, LIZ for creating these marvelous dolls! 

The Frosty twins do Halloween

When Stella Luna is your fave story, what can be better than wearing Hallweenie bat fashions from doll fashion designer Carol Pringle!

Liz Frost's Rattie - School Dress Up

Today's dress up theme at Rattie's school is a costume related to your favorite holiday song. Rattie chose "I'll Be Home For Christmas." Ohhhh - I think my Rattie might be a bit homesick for Australia.

😥 For everyone who can't be "home" for Christmas this year, remember that you CAN be in your dreams and fond memories of childhood days!

Liz Frost's Rattie - Off to Daycare

Guess who walked LT to Daycare yesterday?

Liz Frost's Rattie - The Queen

Seasons, movies, holidays, historical events/characters certainly influence the fashions my dolls choose to wear. 18th century frills and Kirsten Dunst's portrayal of Marie Antoinette in the cinema had one of my Liz Frost resins beg for such a look.
Let me share random pics that inspired the look - and the doll who chose to wear it.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Frosty Twins in PA

My meager cell phone pics of the twins. Will add pics in various fashions.

Fifi and Finn in fashions by Texas Carol
Fifi and Finn were looking through old photo albums today and found a picture of their grandmother, Fiona, as a little girl gathering eggs with her faithful companion Jerome the cat. The twins agreed there is a family resemblance to their beloved Nana Fi!

Since Prince George will be taking ballet in his new school, the Frosty Twins decided ballet would be a new outlet for them. They visited cousin Willow to get her opinion. Not certain what she thinks about the idea!

A back to school fashion by Texas Carol. The Frosty twins can wear shoes and fashions intended for Dianna Effner Little Darling 13. The twins can also wear shoes Denis Bastien made for the Leeann line.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Frosty Twins

Twenty Fifis and Ten Finns - a surprise offering of dolls without the pre-order routine. A time slot was opened and the first to go to the site at 8 AM Aus time on August 25 (6 PM Aug 24 here) were able (if Lady Luck allowed) to purchase the dolls. PayPal went crazy - who were all these dolls nutters purchasing BJDs at the same time? LOL BUT - all settled down and my Frosty Twins and various combinations of the 30 doll have arrived in the USA. Mine are now in New York and should arrive after the Labor Day weekend.

Who are these Frosty twins? Amazing creations by Liz Frost - and the dolls can wear LD clothes!

Here's a peek from Wizworx - preorder for the light tan F/F dolls is open until mid Sept

Liz Frost at Wizwork

Fifi's body will be neutral gender.
Fifi is approx. 13" tall and wears a 6/7" or 7/8" stretch wig.

other approx.measurements.......
Eye size ~ 14mm
Chest ~ 16cm
Waist ~ 14.5cm
Hips ~ 17cm
Arm length ~ 9,3cm
Leg length ~ 12cm to ankle
Foot ~ 4.3cm length x 2cm wide

Cost - 540 usd w/ faceup

pictures from the website of Liz Frost
Finn is approx. 13" tall and wears a 6/7" or 7/8" stretch wig. other approx.measurements.......Eye size ~ 14mm
Chest ~ 16cm
Waist ~ 14.5cm
Hips ~ 17cm
Arm length ~ 9,3cm
Leg length ~ 12cm to ankle
Foot ~ 4.3cm length x 2cm wide
Cost - 540 usd w/ faceup

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Marvelous Maudy

Who does not love Maudylynne Macabre from the days of the Tonner doll site. She is extra special when having a proper faceup and dynamic fashion to match. (053)

This gothy girl is part of a triple set created by Peggy Foggio of  Westport Dolls.

Westport Dolls

While Maudys are now reduced to $30 per doll ( from $70) the "basic" does have several stains on her vinyl because of her original fashion of very black stockings and a deep burgundy dress.

In correspondence Peggy commented -
"I created the outfits to go with their original stockings and shoes (which they are wearing) and they ... come with the rest of their original outfit, box & COA. The partial re-root was done in black and burgundy hair, to go with the original outfit and the one made for her."

Sunday, June 25, 2017


This Angel of Dream SD 1/3 is an relatively inexpensive way to begin collecting the larger BJDs. For around 400 USD, the doll poses well and seems to wear all SD fashions with ease.

Would love to get the Alice fashion ensemble for her!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Once was LOST or delayed

This is the story of a minor postal SNAF. Ordered an Eyes of Texas doll via Etsy. Sent couple days Priority Via USPS - supposed to arrive from Texas to PA on a Friday - never happened. That Monday I visited the PO in my town - the head postal person "would get back to me" IF it didn't arrive by the following Friday. Tracking showed that it did well on the journey from Texas to PA BUT got stuck in the Lehigh Valley facility which is an hour and a half drive from my house.

Frustrated I contacted the owner of the Etsy shop (Brenda) who is the BEST of the best in communications. She started a lost mail search and behold - the next day my text update showed it was being shipped from Lehigh Valley and the doll arrived the next day! THANK YOU, Brenda.

About the doll - Brenda's dolls are made by here using a Dianna Effner mold/cast. All fashions/face-ups are also by Brenda.

NOW - I do have a Studio Doll of Little Darling by Uri G. and had previously sold two others for immediate cash for a root canal. Sigh. These dolls retail through Studio Doll for over 300 USD. None of the artists their are currently taking orders. You can be put on an email waiting list - but it appears the wait can be around 18 months. In the meantime, many of the dolls are being sold on Ebay for way above their retail cost through Studio Doll. By WAY above I mean the $350 doll is getting bids of up to 1800 USD per doll!!!!! Enough said.

On to Eyes of Texas - cost begin at 150 USD and this includes doll, face-up, fashion, and shipping!
A lovely 13" doll that comes with any of the three sculpts.

My order was for

"Kaitlin Handmade Doll. Eyes of Texas Dolls. Dianna Effner Doll. Little Darling Doll. Handcrafted Doll. Dianna Effner Mold. OOAK Artist Dolls"

Lovely little dolls - actually purchased two more through Brenda's Eyes of Texas website. Her advert can also be found in the latest issue of DOLLS magazine!

My review on Etsy -

"OMGosh - QUALITY all the way - from communications to packaging to fashion style to doll detailing. Absolutely delighted with my purchase. Kaitlin is absolutely adorable!!! Thank you so much, Brenda."

Pre-order doll Soso from ''Ppinkydolls''

And the next of the pre-orders purchased through Etsy - Soso’ collectible BJD’ resin doll by Chrishanthi ''Ppinkydolls'' $150 purchased April 24, 2017. Supposed to arrive by July 4, 2017.

"Soso”collectible, is a resin ball jointed doll ,3 options.
She is a full ball jointed doll can customize with the most common customizations including wig changes,eyes ,face-up.
Soso” has resin head and body handmade with high class resin.Soso’ is made full ball jointed body,so she can stand easily and allowing for various poses!Face up handpainted(if you like more soft please send message) ,you will be able to chose freckles or no freckles also send me a message :)).


1) Basic type, blanc head and body.

2)Head & body,faceup ,glass blue-grey eyes, short brown or blonde wig.

3)Full set with hat(photos 1-2-3)
-A bjd Doll, Height:26cm
-Head-Wig:7′- 8′,soft brown or blonde short wig
-Eyes :12mm Dark blue-grey Glass eyes
-Face-up with freckles or not.(send message)
-Outfits,dress,pant, knitting hat,socks and shoes as photo.

4)Full set with blonde hair
-A bjd Doll, Height:26cm
-Head-Wig:7′- 8′,soft blonde wig
-Eyes :12mm Dark blue-grey Glass eyes
-Face-up with freckles or not.(send message)
-Outfits,overall ,knitting hat,socks and shoes as photos

Overall height: 26.5cm
Eye size : 12mm
Wig size : 7'-8'
Chest circumference: 10cm
Waist circumference: 9cm
Shoulder width : 5.5cm
Hip sircumference : 14cm
Arm length : 7.5cm
Leg length : 11cm
Feet length : 3cm

She will travel in her Ppinky box'"

Pre-order doll irreal MILKSHAKE

Waiting in anticipation for these pre-orders:


irreal erym 400E 2/13

the link


Their info - but still no clue when Milkshake full set will arrive

Long time no see. Hope everything is going well!
Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing lately: Laura is working on new dolls while finishing up and improving some other stuff, and I’ve been working on a new website. Since the new website won’t be ready for while, we won’t keep you waiting until it’s done for new pre-orders.
We’ve been getting many requests asking for a new Ery pre-order lately, and well, the time has come.
Ery will be up for pre-order on February 12th at 19:00PM, UTC/GMT+1 timezone , and will be available in the usual three skin tones: Milkshake, Peanut and Toffee. You’ll find prices and more info on Ery’s product page on our shop.
Remember that Paypal and wire transfer options for full payments will be accepted, as well as a 3 instalment layaway plan through Paypal. Make sure to read our layaway guide if you’re planning on using the latter option!
Your Ery package includes:
  • Assembled doll (make up is optional)
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Box and cushion
  • Special Ery pajamas
  • A pair of glass eyes (random color)
If you have any questions please refer to our contact page.
Don’t forget: Ery will be waiting for you on Sunday, February 12th!"


Can it be a year?

With FB and Flickr and texting being easier ways to communicate, I have neglected my blog "duties." Several dolls have been added to the collection of Drearydom Larks in the past year. 

One at a time - today will highlight Cassie who is the third doll from doll artist Dale Zentner /Canada.

While I am not fond of  "toothy" dolls, Cassie does complete my  Zentner collection and I must admit she is pretty amazing!!!!

The link

Cassie in yellow

I did change her eyes to a Platinum/green/blue pair from EyeCo. Think it accents her facial features better. (Not pictured here)

Cassie ~ Banana Beauty ~ 2000. Cad ~ Sold
(approx. ~ $1490.usd)
Cassie is Pure- Oriental skin ( DollShe colour chart )
Dress a frilled fabric and consist of a top with a short skirt and a separate long skirt. The outfit can be worn with out without the long skirt
The bodice is stretch lace with a braid trim and laces up with ribbon.They feature hand beading on the shoulder straps. Necklace and earings are glass beads and Swarovski crystals. She weasr strech legging to match the dresses. The head dress is adjustable and decorated with paper flowers.
Eyes are "Eyeco-Platinum Series", wig from"Monique Gold" and the sandals are handmade by KZShoes -(straw braid with polymer clay soles)