Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Agnes Dreary and her mini LLDs

Agnes Dreary dreaded back-to-school shopping BUT apparently her own little Living Dead Dolls had a rather grand time. They are seen here discussing their purchases over a nice cup of tea. The orange shoes were a favorite find!

Faculty positions at Grimm's

Blonde Euphie is the nursery nanny for the girls!

Grimm Pre-School

The Grimmlets also began pre-school today. They were asked to wear either their favorite t-shirt OR shoes OR hat BUT they got so excited they decided to wear them all!

Back to School at Grimm's Academy

It's back to school for the students at Grimm's Fabled Academy for Girls - seen here arriving with their families.

Raven and her nanny Miss Gee...
The Parker Family:Vicea, mother Mary Jane, twin Versea and little sister Lexie

The Storm-Kelly Family:big sis Rain, little sister Misty and little borther Hale

The Queen Family:Jenny, mother Snow, Tempe, sis Valekea and brother Caine

Happy 2nd Anniversary Agnes Dreary

Can't believe CheerAboutAgnesDreary has been grouped for two years! Happy Bday/Anniversary from your townie friends at Grimm's!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


(left) Odd One Out~VD~DD~T9ADDD02 LE 300~$124.99~in a striped jersey turtleneck with over-sized collar and a matching twill shirt and pants set with grosgrain tie and frayed hem detailing; striped stockings and faux leather shoe also included.

(right) Minor Conundrum~AD~DD~T9ADDD01
LE200~$229.99~matching embroidered jacket and skirt with shirred chiffon under sleeves, collar, and flowing skirt; matching cap, earrings, pantyhose, and faux leather shoes with cut-out details.

(left) Gravely Giddy~SD~DD~T9ADDD03 LE 300~MSRP $159.99~dressed in an airy chiffon dress trimmed in rick-rack, ruffles, and lace paired with a flocked corset complete with tiny lace-up detailing. Striped tights, faux leather Mary Janes, and hair ribbon also included.

Maestro~Viktor Dreary~DD LE 300~a shared exclusive (150 each) for Lone Star Dolls and Bearzabout~ MSRP $109.99 (2008)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crocs for the TWINNS

I admit it - I like one can tell from some previous posts. I especially liked them when I could wear shoes - the higher the heels the better. But now that RA has been with me for over two decades I must relinquish personal haute foot fashion to moccasins. Sigh.

But the DOLLS get to wear all sorts of interesting foot gear. After all they just sit around and look lovely. : )

So - when CVS had ultra small crocs on sale I couldn't resist getting them for My Twinns

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Doll accessories from McDonald's

McDonald's Happy Meals have been offering toys with the food that actually work well with the Dreary or dreary-like dolls in a sort of girlie way.
Kickit with her new pet Woolsie

Dark Alice from CF with her new Kristen paper dolls.
Sizing might be off just a bit but works well considering it's intention wasn't a Dreary prop. Don't be afraid to order a Happy Meal - I ask to have mine vegan - a side salad, apple dippers (substitue for burger and fries) and my beverage is a child size plain tea w/ lemon wedge.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yellow Flowers

Went outside yesterday to find the yellow flowers basking in the sun.