Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Random Team Ted

Some random TED pics from the Liz Frost FB page - and here is her site to view/order when available


Let's dress the little ones

My LT Frost and his BFF Irreal Ery get to indulge in fashions from GuguModa/Etsy!

Rattie - the beginning

A very tired Rattie has arrived (May 2017) - from Australia to NE Pennsylvania! My grail BJD - (soooo excited) Such a beautiful and very well mannered young lady!

What about Little Ted?

LT arrived with Rattie and loves to wear this kitty fashion - esp when playing with the litter of kittens! THANK YOU, LIZ for creating these marvelous dolls! 

The Frosty twins do Halloween

When Stella Luna is your fave story, what can be better than wearing Hallweenie bat fashions from doll fashion designer Carol Pringle!

Liz Frost's Rattie - School Dress Up

Today's dress up theme at Rattie's school is a costume related to your favorite holiday song. Rattie chose "I'll Be Home For Christmas." Ohhhh - I think my Rattie might be a bit homesick for Australia.

😥 For everyone who can't be "home" for Christmas this year, remember that you CAN be in your dreams and fond memories of childhood days!

Liz Frost's Rattie - Off to Daycare

Guess who walked LT to Daycare yesterday?