Monday, March 12, 2018

Dreamboat Rattie

Liz Frost's blue Rattie was a dreamboat and a swooner on Valentine's Day -

As Elvis, Mr. Darcy, and the boy in the pink jeans -

Kaye Wiggs Missy - Sad Circus

Amazing face up and fashion work by Tania van Jaarsveld of New Zealand.735

"Kaye Wiggs Missy in Sunkissed. Missy is on the gorgeous Mei-Mei body. She will come to you as a fullset, shown here. Missy's wig, eyes, outfit and shoes are all included. She is painted and dressed by me." Tania van Jaarsveld of New Zealand

FrillsNLaceBotique (Etsy). Monique wig 8-9 MAXINE in light strawberry blonde.find a different look for Missy - a more golden aura!

More Pink Grapefruit

Dale Zentner's dolls are SD in size and perfect! This Lissa was an Ebay find I could not resist! Decided that perhaps a darker wig might suit her better. Monique's Maxine 8-9 did the trick for my taste.

"Brand new, never played with or displayed. Lissa comes with her complete outfit, shoes, eyes, wig and COA."

Here is this Lissa's story on Pink Grapefruit -

This Lissa onPink Grapefruit

And with the brunette wig -

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Forever Virginia Tum

Forever Virginia's first doll I happened upon was Tum. Many moons ago. I am delighted to learn that Virginia is again offering this style with several as random full sets.

Yes - Virginia does it all! Sculpt to face up to fashions. She is a doll collector's fairy dollmother!

The link to her site for the pre-order:

Pictures from her site

Full set order information from her site

"Orders for dolls with Artist’s Choice fullset with come full you dressed with wigs and shoes of my choosing. You will not see what the fullset looks like until the doll arrives so only choose this option if you agree to this condition"

Doll Measurements

  • Wig size: 7-8 inch
  • Eye size: 14mm
  • Tall 30cm/11.8in
  • Head Circumference 19cm/7.5in
  • Neck 6.5cm/2.5in
  • Outer Shoulder width 7.5cm/3in
  • Inner Shoulder width 5.5cm/2.16in
  • Arm length (top of shoulder to wrist) 8.5cm/3.35in
  • Bust 14.5cm/5.7in
  • Waist 15cm/6in
  • Hip 18cm/7in
  • Waist to floor 16cm/6.3in
  • Crotch to floor 12cm/4.75in
  • Thigh 8.5cm/3.35in
  • Calf 6.75cm/2.65in
  • Ankle 5.5cm/2.16in
  • Foot length 38mm/1.5in
  • Foot width 16mm/.63in
Some completed sets Virginia has completed and shown on FB.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


I was so lucky to find John Maglio's repaint of Maudlynne Macabre/Tonner for sale in a FB Maudy group. She fits in very well with the other girls in the Maglio Menagerie! 150

The first picture is from Rainy Day Repaints website - more original information about her is on John's site listed below -

Rainy Day Repaints

These pics show her alone and with the others in the Maudy Maglio collection at Drearydom Larks.

Allie Bean Babies

This little set of baby dolls (for your dolls) have been hand sculpted from polymer clay. No molds were used in their creation. They have a movable head and limbs on a cloth body. Blushing is done with heat set paints. They have auburn hair. They measure about 2 1/4 inches in length. They make nice toys for larger dolls. $40.00 (description from Allie Bean on Ebay)

Forever Virginia Sweet Pea

If you adore well designed/styled bjds with a folksy flare to them Forever Virginia dolls MUST enter your doll collection.

FOREVER VIRGINIA dolls and fashions

Sweet Pea - a tiny doll was the latest full set and doll only release. (picture of one example from the website)

Sweet Pea Fullset

Wig size: 5-6in
Eye size: 10mm
Height 17cm/6.7in 
Head Circumference 14cm/5.5in 
Neck 3.75cm/1.5in 
Outer Shoulder width 4cm/1.6in 
Inner Shoulder width 3cm/1.2in  
Arm length (top of shoulder to wrist) 4.5cm/1.75in 
Bust 8cm/3.15in 
Waist 8cm/3.15in 
Hip 9.5cm/3.75in 
Waist to floor 9cm/3.5in 
Crotch to floor 7cm/2.75in 
Thigh 4.5cm/1.75in 
Calf 3.5cm/1.4in 
Ankle 3cm/1.2in 
Foot length 20mm/.8in 
Foot width 10mm/.4in 

And an extra fashion/wig set
(picture from website)

OOAK outfit for Sweet Pea

Made to fit Sweet Pea. 

- Crochet Top
- Jeans
- Handmade Yarn Wig