Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Dreary Halloween Trio

All three of Dreary dolls from the 2008 Halloween Convention are now at Drearydom! Since Despondant Dandy is LE 50 - he took time to acquire. Love (Sister) Marvelously Morose's fushia or magenta eye. Wretched Whimsy (Agnes) was the first to arrive directly from my proxy at the convention.

Whimsy's dress in my photo is created by Sara owner of the Etsy shop DevoutDolls

Monday, March 23, 2009

The doll and the parsley

Jenny and Lexie (Maciak) on Yahoo is one of my fav doll groups. Amazing how you'd think a doll's a doll and a collecter just another doll "nutter." This is not true - From My Twinn to Agnes Dreary the mood and method of each collector type varies greatly.

I find Maciak dolls to be memory shots of the COMFORT of the 50's - except for the horrid duck and cover (under your desk in the classroom)

So here's Tia (Tea Party Lexie) wearing an outfit from MA - minus the pooh bear creatures:,21270.html

Temps were in the teens this morning - can this really be the END of March? The parsley was covered and Tia the herb gardener got dressed and went out to checked if it had survived. It had - hearty parsley that it was!

Friday, March 20, 2009

How do you know it's spring?

How do you know SPRING has really arrived? In my section of PA - the geese have been heard overhead all week but in my own, personal habitat...a little spot of yellow was noticed in the small hutch.

Closer...what can this be?

Does that say what I think it does?

It does! The Just Born PEEPS have returned. A most definite sign of SPRING!
These seasonal candy peeps are made by Just Born - a company located in Pennsylvania, USA.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A doll with an Asian style

Needed to display my new Re-Ments and dressed Heather Maciak's Jenny in a bargain outfit of MA Sushi for an 8 inch doll.
The sushi came with the MA doll BUT the rest is Re-Ment.

St. Patrick's Day - a wee bit late

Finally - corned beef and cabbage...a wee bit late BUT still remarkable. Soups, stews, boiled dinners. Give me the simple meal.

Winter Woes soon to be gone

Been a while since I posted. Nothing new (for me) in the doll world and the winter blues that come with the winter flu set in...rather tired of sipping tea with lemon/honey just for the cure. But spring is ALMOST here - good-bye winter woes and all the gloomy gray!