Saturday, January 31, 2009

Agnes and Viktor - NOT

It was doomed to happen. Agnes and Viktor together NOT forever.

Viktor - smitten with his lovely, new friend - had a play date today minus Agnes.

Agnes was rumored to have been seen at the large dictionary stand in the library - looking up new words:caluminate, besmirch...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Memories of Nana

Loved the days I was sent to my Nana's house. She would allow me free reign of her scarf and glove drawer. My dolls and I would wear all her colorful items in gleeful play.
Take a scarf, tie it at the neck. pull down the front of the doll, under and up the back. tie around the waist. A special dolly gown.
Sigh - such lovely childhood memories of my grandmother!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Too Cold to Comment - BRRRRR

This past week has found everyone staying indoors as much as possible because of the temps in NE PA. No sun, the temps might soar above 32, but the wind chill keeps the air brutal and biting.
So while the dolls and their owner have been placed into forced hibernation nothing is better than chatting with good friends while sipping warm cups of cocoa. Don't forget the mini marshmallows...and cookies!
If you are a real marshmallow lover, check out the sweet treats at this Etsy shop!
My favorite cookie from this shop is pumpkin sandwich. No - chocolate gingersnap. NO - chocolate orange cardamom OR maybe the biscotti...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Day 1-20-2009

President Obama's
Inauguration Day

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who doesn't LOVE a wedding?

(photograph/dolls owned by Carol B of Cheery About Agnes Dreary)

Robert Tonner recently has announced that the doll Tyler Wentworth will marry at the next Tonner doll convention. And who doesn't LOVE a wedding.

But the members of Cheery About Agnes Dreary always seem to be ahead of things a bit and group moderator - Carol B had a wedding for her two of her dolls on January 12, 2009.

Viktor and Agnes Dreary were ring bearer and flower girl!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dolls who pattern art ~ we love RusticGoth

It's true - all the dolls and doll owner at Grimm's Fabled Academy for Girls LOVE RusticGoth.

What's RusticGoth? Here's the story of how I found this delighful and wonderfully Dreary site on Etsy.

When one belongs to a doll group such as Cheery About Agnes Dreary for collectors of Agnes Dreary (by Robert Tonner who later added twin brother Viktor and older sibling Sister) - one can NOT escape the occasional swaps.

Themes are selected (we've done Valentine's Day, May Day, Halloween, NB4X, and a few others) and clever gifties must be exchanged. Since I am a confessed Etsy addict, that site is my primary sourse of WONDERFUL creations by artists in all mediums.

SOooo - Agnes Dreary is a somber - little Victorian doll...goth girlish. Search "goth girl." and up came RusicGoth! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

I found two prints and a mirror which became very popular exchanges. Later I also ordered ACEOs which fit better in my already crowded apartment.

Here's Agnes Dreary -

and on the Robert Tonner site -

And the little goth/Victorian Girl from RusticGoth (ACEO of Home Haunted Home)

and on the RusticGoth Etsy site-
I can't own one without the OTHER! And as far as ACEOs go - who can own just one of them???
Hmmm...think it's time to shop some more at RusticGoth...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pet Corgi - for the dolls

As I mentioned in an earlier post, My BF A. fears Tulah. (My son doesn't appreciate My Twinns - my Lenore is not allowed around him) so I decided if Tulah and A. had a common interest they might bond better.

The plush from MA is part of the MA Wales doll with dog. Perhaps it was as good as they could get in the plush world BUT the ears are on BACKWARDS - what's with that??? : 0

BTW what is the proper term for doll phobia?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

*Effie's best friend is Santa Maria Claus

as in related to (but not the wife of) just plain Santa Claus.(RT Mrs. Claus doll)

She schedules things at the school - Effie's bus route and the daily healthy food menus for the cafeteria. Her favorite time is just babysitting the wee orphans at Grimm's.

*Effie Uproar - the Grimmlets' bus driver by day...

Effie Uproar - bus driver by day and jazz singer by night (Effie from Dreamgirls by Tonner)
These dolls are plus (Emme) sized and are wearing outfits intended for Matt sized/Hermione sized dolls.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One last doll...right LOL

In the midst of all the sales, it is difficult NOT to purchase that doll you thought you might want but really didn't need. Especially when the retail price has been reduced by 50/75 percent.

Keep telling myself that Luna Lovegood will be my absolute last doll - excluding anything Agnes Dreary (and only Agnes - not Viktor or Sister). AND I will NOT purchase her at high end price tags (until she goes "sold out" and I go into doll shock at my loss.)

So putting futuristic Luna Lovegood aside, decided she needed a boyfriend - checked the online sales and AngelicDreamz had a Frank Hardy that was fine in face and perfectly priced along with FREE shipping. And who can pass up that? Also got the Ron Weasley out of school outfit that will offer Frankie more fashion options.
Casual Set - RON WEASLEY
LE 1000
Includes long sleeve sweater, hooded jacket, pants, shoes and socks. Please note that this outfit is made to fit the RON WEASLEY™ doll and may not exactly fit the HARRY POTTER™ doll (Ron is slightly taller than Harry

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There's something about AMY..

who is an exceptional artisan who creates what I like to call usable art.

I "met" Amy in her VintageHome shop on Ebay several years ago when I was searching for a comforting pillow and some vintage linens. What did I find? The perfect combination - a visual delight made with materials from a past era. Just what the doctor ordered...

literally. : )

RA was in a flare and my PT suggested "pretty" comfortable pillows to distract from the 24/7 pain. I call it pillow therapy...and it REALLY works. These pillows aren't just pretty but PRETTY AMAZING!!!

But beyond pillows can be found other treasures: lavendar sachets, totes, banners, push pins, magnets, tea towels, etc. all enchanced/covered in materials of fond memories.

pennant banner




~OTHER Vintage Home pillows (including my Yo Yo favorites) can be found in a previous entry.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Old Christmas Morning

According to the popular poem by Roy Helton, Old Chrismas Morning was a time when Elderberry bushes bloomed and spirits walked the earth.

If we use the Julian calendar, this would place the date at January 5. Today.

Some of the students and staff at Grimm's Fabled Academy for Girls have gathered to meet ancient, ghostly relatives and spirits in the form of Robert Tonner dolls.

The Dickens Ghosts: Future, Present, and Past.

In addtion to the trio who are walking a long ways still are Euphemia (red) and Kai (Snow Queen collection.) Euphemia wears
In the Mist is the second installment from Walter Plunkett's 'lost costume' sketches from GONE WITH THE WIND™. This costumes reflects Scarlett's heartbreak and inner turmoil from the final moments of the film. Plunkett's sketch is brought to life in amazing detail and consists of a deep blue velvet dress with a detachable deep blue and black bustled train and removable collar and cuffs with intricate embroidery. The finishing details include a replica cameo brooch, white pantyhose with attached panties, lace-up faux leather boots, and beaded black earrings

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My own Maleficent

Tonner's Simone Rouge is wearing a red satin gown and black pumps (courtesy of a Madame Alexander ten inch doll) - looks likes she is going to the dance...

On goes her coat and hat...
Not a dance but a costume party. She is a tiny Maleficient -minus the green face!

I would love to own a Tonner Maleficient but must settle for my little re-dressed nasty lady of power for now!
Tonner's grand Maleficient...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Quilts and dolls (and one plush rabbit)

One of the blogs I follow, Eileen's Attic, is having a drawing where viewers/entrants are invited to comment on their favorite fabrics. Seems like the doll collectors who sew for their dolls are also fond of quilting.

I am such a stumblejohn that I can do neither BUT I do collect the beautiful items created by these artisans!

My favorite materials can be seen in the pillows I've purchased from Ebayer Vintage Home. Her talent lies in using vintage tableclothes and towels from the 1940s thru 60s and turning them in to pillows, pushpin/magnet covers, totes, flags and sachets.

Some of my Marleys are seated in front of two pillows designed by Vintage Home aka Amy K.

The top pictures shows some of her Yo Yo pillows.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 ~ Starting a DREARY new year

Happy New Year from everyone at Grimm's Fabled Academy for Girls