Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Cheery Dreary Wish

That Mr. Tonner remembers Halloween is Agnes Dreary's favorite day and that at least a new outfit will be offered for her at the Halloween Convention 2011 - Scary Tales. A multi jointed Agnes Dreary like Hermione/Ron/Harry would also be nice.

My latest Dreary gathering - greeting the new shelf neighbors Momoko and EC.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Serious and Pouty - and that's good!

When members of the Berdine Creedy group participated in the March Doll Project, Berdine kindly offered to send a Magna doll to each participant if they knew someone who needed a doll to love.

A Pouty Pia arrived at my house waiting to be groomed for her child. DH fixed the magnet in her leg. A fashion and wig were puchased to finish her look.

She is the one in the white dress and dark blond braids. Isn't she lovely!

Who are the other two, you ask? Since Pouty Pia one will be leaving Drearydom Larks, the other dolls and I decided we needed some Magna girls as permanent residents!

My Pouty Pia is on the viewer's left wearing her original outfit and one of two wigs, and in the middle is Serious Sadi who borrowed Ann Estelle's romper, shoes, and glasses. Her wig was also borrowed from my Berdine Creedy March Dol Chi Chi re-named Charm.

A special thank you to Berdine for her generosity and kindness. XOXO from althedolz at Drearydom Larks

Whatever Minnie wants>>

                                                  ...doll Auntie AM seems to know.

                                          (click or double click on pic for greatest detail)

Minnie is an American BJD from Goodreau

                                         Minnie info on the Goodreau site (click here to see)

The Hardy Four Lineup

The gang's ALL here - for now. But I am sure there will be more to follow.

Lulla Cry the blue goth, Isabella the white blithe spirit, Kate the great gray steam punk zombie, and Abby from NCIS.


Tulah has a question for AnnMarie. : )

AnnMarie - Avery and I were playing with our hats and I heard a sound and want to know..,

Please click on second picture to enlarge for detail

Who is that?

Why it's lovely little HONEYSUCKLE! : )
Your imaginary new friend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not my doll - in a steampunk kind of mood

This was a picture that was passed from one doll person to another and then to another etc etc etc.
The doll looks like a Tonner - Cami or Antionette perhaps. But the fashion - phew - takes my breath away! If anyone has an identification for the fashion designer. PLEASE let me know. My Lilah Hex wants this!

Tonner's Mrs. Charles Hamilton GWTW

hamilton by cvw159
hamilton, a photo by cvw159 on Flickr.
Mrs. Charles Hamilton - in mourning. The fashion is - massive. Just might be a bit too much even for the Drearys or Lilah Hex.

Monday, June 20, 2011

TOP 10 American BJD wish list

As I wait for DH to arrive for dinner I decided to compile this reference list which could change at a moment's notice.

Top Ten American BJD  wish list

10. Harmoni from Creedy

9. Destini from Creedy

8. Bad Alice from Creedy

7. Ameila Thimble from Tonner/WI

6. Whisper from Goodreau

5. Tiny Betsy resin from Tonner/Effanbee

4. A second Agnes Dreary resin bjd from Tonner

3. DDE Exlusive Petite Treats by Creedy

2. Secret resin bjd from Goodreau

1. Lisbet from Kish/Lady B from Creedy/Snow White resin bjd from Goodreau

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sometimes life imitates - the dolls

The doll - or should I say critter. (From Jenny on American BJD - her Goodreau Twinkle as a super hero fairy)

And real life trick or treaters at my house on Halloween 2010.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Critter waiting

Plan to do a house for the critters along with finding matching school outfits. My critters et al includes B Fly and Bee from Creedy, Hujoo, along with Goodreau's Cupcake, Twinkle, Merlin. One little fiver girl from Goodreau (no clue who she is) also resides with the group. We are waiting for Socks and Bella to arrive.

Steampunk Red Doll in felt

Patti Medaris Culea's book, Creative Cloth Doll Collection was the inspiration for this steampunk felt doll designed and crafted by doll artist Nikki Evans in the UK.

Each time I hold the doll I discover another exceptional and unique detail about her. I LOVE this doll.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Her name is Kate

...and she is bold, a bit of a shrew and comes hence to Drearydom from the doll artist Michele Hardy.

Hey Isabella!

The latest addition to my wall of Hardy girls is Isabella. A white ABC from Goodreau, her white skin and hair present the ghost-like girl I was hoping for, a blithe spirit with whimsy and wanderlust. The pink eyes tell it all.

Isabella is greeted by my two other OOAK ABCs from Michele Hardy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuff Tulah Time and the yellow petals 6/14

She calls it her froggie uniform (bc postal workers, UPS workers have their required attire) - hmmm - thinking this means Tulah will be wearing her floppy beige socks, flowered shoes, and froggie uniform for the entire summer of 2011. The washing machine will be humming every evening.

When asked just what her occupation was that a uniform was required, she did her eye thing with her flame hair standing even more on end, glanced upward and mumbled that she wanders around the house and sees things. Things that need to be fixed or corrected or cleaned. Great - next she'll need white gloves.

Yesterday the observation was the pitcher with fresh cut flowers that needed clean water and yellow petal pick-up surrounding it. Couldn't have been too severe bc her pointing arm wasn't as direct and manic as usual. : )

This wonderful froggie fashion is from mrsbobbinsews on Ebay  (great quality, style, and attention to detail!)

Reference Post - head comparison Turry and Lovely Amy

Reference post for head comparisons of Miss Turry and Lovely Amy

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Hat for Tulah from LN

When one's hair is unruly - add a pretty hat. Now dear tuff Tulah is almost perfect - almost! : )

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No No arrives at Drearydom

No secret to my doll collector friends that I adore prim dolls. Goodreau No No ooglie prim  now resides at Drearydom. Please check her out from buttons to Nonos! (cost - five dollars!!!)

Sitting among the Strangelies

The NoNo emblem and great purple bow

from button

to embroidered No No

Monday, June 6, 2011

May I present Michele Hardy's ABC NCIS Abby!

My dolls are not professional doll models or live in fancy doll storage curios - they are part of the family and can be found anywhere in the household. : )

This doll is my second OOAK ABCer by Michele Hardy. I can't praise her work enough. Hoping to add even more to my collection!! Yes, they are my grail dolls.

So please welcome the Abs...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Scary Tales - Tonner's 2011 Halloween Convention

Been sad bc the Drearys seem to have been forgotten by Tonner BUT must add that his advert for the 2011 Halloween Convention is top notch. Even DH was cheering - he is a TCN and vintage horror film fan.

Way to go Tonner

the video link  Tonner Halloween Convention 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Charm gets silly

Time to rearrange and pack things away and place summer things in key places.

Silly Charm - decided to don a furbee wig and lounge in her chair near a birdfeeder trailer.

She reminds me of some of the retirees one might see in a KOA campgroud. All smiles and offering snacks on the picnic table along with thirst quenching lemonade.

Charm was the March Project doll from Berdine Creedy - I chose Chi Chi with her wonderful smile.