Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dollpire and batlike thing and display areas

Dollpire Eve holds - um - her new friend from Mickey Ds - a who ha from Airbender. Not being unkind - just don't have current knowledge on Airbender, Avatar, Dr. Who, Etc. At my age and with no younguns running around the house one tends to watch the Hallmark Channel and read Nancy Pickard or Debbie Macomber (sp) for excitement. : )

And where does one display a doll collection? In my case - there are two: the white ikea bookcase in the back bedroom and the brown Ikea bookcase (corner) by the telly. Still think the dolls look wonderful wherever they are posed. : )

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reborn Babies

Joe Bourland began her career repainting Babrie and Tonner dolls (as my Gypsy Ava seen in a previous post). The last few years she has turned her artistic skill to the babies. Miyoko is the reborn in my nursery.

Monday, June 21, 2010

All Pinked Out

Dollmore Eve wears anything with style and photographs well - even when the camera is in my hands! Here she is all pinked out while wearing white.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Tulah Kish Tribute

When things are too somber in Drearydom - I only have to look at whimsical Tulah the Terrible to find myself smiling again. (Archived pictures)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Some more Dollmore et al

Yes, Lamia is expanding her wardrobe. More coming this week from Dollmore!

Not Dreay 3 - Plushers and Dolls

May not currently have a true doll display in the house but the dolls and plushers are scattered about everywhere!

Not Dreary 2 - Grimmlets Go Goth Playground

Tulah and Riley Kish (Grimmlets in the pre-school at Grimm's Academy) feel empowered wearing their versions of goth fashion. Poor Peter is warned not to mess with any of their Nikki dollies!

Not Dreary 1 - Angels in Angst Cafe

Momokos take over a shelf for the summer enjoying lunch and coffee at the Angels in Angst Cafe!
The Angels in Angst are doll representations of my girlfriends and me(all teachers, nurses, secretaries and hairdressers who started ourcareers in the 70s) getting together after a hard day's word -bemoaning our lives, relationships and workdays while sipping on coffee and sometime something stronger. : )

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dollmore SD 58cm and Tonner Sydney OOAK 16 inch

These dolls are great in all sizes! My new outfit on Lamia (yes - that is Dollmore's Dollpire Eve with a blonde wig and girly outfit - a different look for her) was designed by Etsyian Bambola Sugar - who has three amazing/unique shops. One for doll fashions, another for printed matter, and a third for purses and pillows.
Check her out -

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dollmore with your basic stripey socks

Lamia aka Dollpire Eve in her schoolgirl, basic stripey socks! This doll is a fashionista...with so many clothes available for her.

Dollmore Gray w/ plaid

Dollmore Dollpire Eve aka Lamia is seen here relaxing in plaid slashed pants and her intended gray wig (which is so awesome). The fashions and accesories from Dollmore are stylish and Five Star Quality! I may be new to doll wigs but Dollmore's are the best/easiest to fit I've used.

OOAK Abby doll

A new big sister or older cousin for Agnes Dreary. Saw this doll on Prego (thank you for pointing it out Nikki) and when I mentioned I was sorry I hadn't been able to bid on her, I was contacted by the artist (Toni Brown aka Bordello Dolls) and she offered to do one for ME! YEAH! The sculpt is Tonner Sydney and the head was re-rooted. Now I just have to find a lab coat for her!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dollmore - Dollpire Eve sculpt

Dollmore's Dollpire Eve sculpt arrived today. Couldn't be more pleased. Re-named her Lamia.

Did the deal with free shipping and they added all sorts of goodies:jacket, notebook, purple roses, rice sweeties, blonde wig...the gray wig was marvelous but I decided as a June bride of Dracula she needed a long, straight, banged version in black. Her eyes are golden and suit the make-up shading so well. Never plan to change them!

Elfdoll Lovely Amy Lilac

Can't sing enough praises in Elfdoll Lovely Amy's direction! Such a delicate doll who goes from goth to girly with ease. Here she is lovely in lilac.