Friday, January 2, 2009

Quilts and dolls (and one plush rabbit)

One of the blogs I follow, Eileen's Attic, is having a drawing where viewers/entrants are invited to comment on their favorite fabrics. Seems like the doll collectors who sew for their dolls are also fond of quilting.

I am such a stumblejohn that I can do neither BUT I do collect the beautiful items created by these artisans!

My favorite materials can be seen in the pillows I've purchased from Ebayer Vintage Home. Her talent lies in using vintage tableclothes and towels from the 1940s thru 60s and turning them in to pillows, pushpin/magnet covers, totes, flags and sachets.

Some of my Marleys are seated in front of two pillows designed by Vintage Home aka Amy K.

The top pictures shows some of her Yo Yo pillows.

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