Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not a creature was stirring . . .

Except Amelia Thimble as a mouse -

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wretched Whimsy family trio

2008 Halloween Convention Drearys  Sister Dreary - Marvelously Morose LE 150, Agnes Dreary - Wretched Whimsy LE 100, Viktor - Despondent Dandy LE 50
Wretched Whimsy-Agnes Dreary Wretched Whimsy is swathed in a ghastly black knit dress covered in fuzzy metallic wisps with a fishnet yoke and lower sleeves and black ribbon sash around the waist. Her finishing touches include black fishnet tights of nude pantyhose, faux leather Mary Janes, and a black ribbon in her hair. (LE 100)~Price:$110.00

Dreary Exclusives

Exclusives - those special dolls created for specific dealers, or conventions.
(Click on each pic to enlarge)

Agnes and Viktor Dreary Rag Dolls Halloween Convention 2008- Attendees received Agnes as a table favor; Viktor was available for separate purchase. Each rag doll at the convention sold for $40

14.5" Flexi-pose AgDreary~DD~T9ADSD01 LE200~~A TONNERDirect Exclusive~MSRP $139.99~The 14.5” Flexi-pose body is crafted in vinyl, and this new body type combines traditional vinyl stringing methods with new

Pessimist in Purple~Agnes Dreary~DD LE300~ Exclusive for Cherished Friends~MSRP. $109.99 (2008
Maestro~Viktor Dreary~DD LE 300~a shared exclusive (150 each) for Lone Star Dolls and Bearzabout~ MSRP $109.99 (2008)

Agnes Dreary  Stone Cold Resin BJD Mysticism and Mayhem Halloween Convention 2010 Burlington, VT MS RP$350

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dreary Family Trio 2009 (Agnes Dreary Horrific Hopscotch)

(click on pic to enlarge)

(Agnes Dreary) Horrific Hopscotch~AD DD~T9ADDD04 LE 200~MSRP $159.99~wearing a lush crushed velvet jacket adorned with bows over a billowy chiffon skirt that matches the jacket under sleeves. Mesh tights, pantyhose, and faux leather Mary Janes also included; includes display stand

(Sister Dreary) Watching the Garden Die~SD DD~T9ADDD06 LE250~MSRP $199.99~wearing a stretch velvet gown with intricate shirring and an antiqued "silver" necklace with dangling chain and strand of beads. Pantyhose and faux leather zip-up heels also included; includes display stand.

(Viktor Dreary) Hide and Go-Creep~VD DD~T9ADDD05 LE 200~MSRP $159.99~wearing a knit bodysuit under cropped corduroy pants, a striped knit hoodie, and fitted jacket. Fingerless gloves, knit socks, and lace-up faux leather boots also included; includes display stand.

Dreary Family trio 2009 (Agnes Dreary Minor Conundrum)

(Click on pic to enlarge)

(Agnes Dreary) Minor Conundrum~AD~DD~T9ADDD01 LE 300~MSRP $159.99~dressed in an airy chiffon dress trimmed in rick-rack, ruffles, and lace paired with a flocked corset complete with tiny lace-up detailing. Striped tights, faux leather Mary Janes, and hair ribbon also included
(Sister Dreary) Gravely Giddy~SD~DD~T9ADDD03 LE 200~$229.99~matching embroidered jacket and skirt with shirred chiffon under sleeves, collar, and flowing skirt; matching cap, earrings, pantyhose, and faux leather shoes with cut-out details.
(Viktor Dreary) Odd One Out~VD~DD~T9ADDD02 LE 300~$124.99~in a striped jersey turtleneck with over-sized collar and a matching twill shirt and pants set with grosgrain tie and frayed hem detailing; striped stockings and faux leather shoe also included.

Fashions for a Dreary big Sister

Left - Dying to Meet You~OO~T8-ADOF-07 LE500~MSRP $94.99~Twill jacket w/ pleated chiffon sleeves, gathered ribbon trim, and white collar; includes matching pleated chiffon skirt, knit tights, lace-up boots.

Center - Covered in Darkness~OO~T8-ADOF-06 LE500~MSRP $84.99~Twill coat w/ satin collar & cuffs; includes jester hat w/ pom-poms and knotted scarf.

Right - Tea at the Morgue~OO~T8-ADOF-08 LE500 ~$79.99~Chiffon dress w/ satin Peter Pan style collar and cuffs;includes pointe d'esprit tights and black Mary Janes

Doll models for the Sister Dreary fashions: Tonner Alice Cullen Twilight, Tonner Sinister Circus Lucine (has a Sister Dreary sculpt), Cherished Friends Exclusive Ultra Basic Suzette - Raven.

Note:Alice's hat by Carly (yup I actually attempted something crafty!);Suzette's hat by Ebayer Feltrope.

More Christmas Cheer from the Tinies

Some tiny holiday cheer!
(click on pics to enlarge)

Hujoo and guardian Critter 8

The Creedy Bee, Ladybug, Fly in Christmas attire

The tinies get their turn on a shelf of the solo doll bookcase! : )

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seasons Greetings from the Goodreau Critters

Wearing identical holiday fashions, the Goodreau Critters at Drearydom bid you good will and seasons greetings!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A little Winter Hello from Amelia

Been attempting to use pages from magazines as backdrops as per suggestion from this amazing photographer who was on Kawaii Korner when it existed. I make the effort  - however - my end results are never like my eye sees them through the camera!

Hugs and Kishes - 2011

Not only assorted Tonners and Drearys reside in Drearydom. The place wouldn't be complete without a Kish to two.

left to right

Left - Olivia & Effie by Helen Kish the newest 12" head sculpt is paired with a new head sculpt for a 6" bent limb baby and have emerged as Olivia & Effie, Olivia has a long, jet black mohair wig with full bangs, and blue, blue eyes.

Right - “Floral Revelry” Bethany stands 12” tall, with 13 points of articulation. Her vinyl head is hand painted with blue eyes and she wears her pale blonde mohair in a classic bob. Her new head sculpt is updated with a little more mature version of the original Bethany. Here, Bethany wears a sleeveless dress with a two tiered skirt of floral design on a black back ground and black & tan stripes (matching her bodice). Her red wool felt bolero jacket is festooned with floral and geometrical details, fixed with tiny beads. Completing her ensemble are black boots over black tights and a crisp toque mirroring the gray, red and burgundy in her jacket with embellishments of the same floral design front and center. LE350 (Note that the doll in the picture is not wearing the original tights)

Fashion Runway 2008 Agnes and Viktor

Two fashions for Agnes, two fashions for Viktor and one for either gender were released in the Mainline Collection from Tonner in 2008. (click on pics to enlarge)

Left to Right

Forlorn Photo Day~OO~T8-ADOF-05 LE500~MSRP $59.99~Corduroy jacket and pants with oversized collar and cuffs, striped bow, and pleather belt; includes knit stockings, and lace-up boots.
Pitiful Playtime~OO~T8-ADOF-01 LE500~MSRP $59.99~Red corduroy dress over striped knit top w/ Peter Pan style collar; includes headband, tights and red Mary Janes.
Dead Sleep~OO~T8-ADOF-02 LE500~MSRP $44.99~Knit pajama w/ Peter Pan style collar and white buttons; comes with matching stocking hat w/ pom-pom.
Recess in the Cemetery~OO~T8-ADOF-03 LE500~MSRP $59.99~Twill dress w/ pleated skirt detail and lace collar & cuffs; includes black tights and black Mary Janes
Little Mister Melancholy~OO~T8-ADOF-04 LE500~MSRP $59.99~Sailor style top w/ white tie and matching pants; includes black stockings and lace-up boots.

Dolls modeling the clothes Left to Right

No Frills Viktor Dreary, Dinner Doldrums Agnes Dreary, Marley Wentworth Ultra Basic Brunette 2008, Dance Class Basic Raven Marley Wentworth 2007,  The Snow Queen Kai 2008

Dreary Dinner Doldrums, PIP and Maestro

In 2008 Cherished Friends offered us PIP with her wavy hair and Tonner Dreary Dinner Doldrums sporting the same banged hair as Prima Agnes Dreary.

L PIP - C Maestro - R Dinner Doldrums

L - Pessimist in Purple~Agnes Dreary~DD LE300~ Exclusive for Cherished Friends~MSRP. $109.99 (2008)
C - Maestro~Viktor Dreary~DD LE 300~a shared exclusive (150 each) for Lone Star Dolls and Bearzabout~ MSRP $109.99 (2008)
R - Dreary Dinner Doldrums~DD~T8-ADDD-01
LE1000~MSRP $109.99~Burgundy chiffon dress w/ shirred bodice detail and black ribbon trim; includes black tights and lace-up boots.

Sister doll in back -
NO FRILLS Sister Dreary Offered through Tonner in Kingston NY (8/2009) Note: no prototype pic was released of these dolls.Cost: Sister $49.99, Agnes $39.99, Viktor $39.99 The doll is wearing an Evangeline Ghastly fashion for DD Dark Desire

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A little Dreary intermission - the dolls in the back room - all of them

Limited space - but I try for an overall, workable presentation! (click on pics to enlarge)

Fashions for Prima Agnes Dreary

Three fashion ensembles were released for Agnes Dreary during her first year.
(Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Left to Right

Dreary Days OUTFIT ONLY~T7-ADOF-01 LE300~MSRP $59.99~Pleated chiffon overdress over a polka dot underdress with striped tights and shoes.

Bitter Cold OUTFIT ONLY~T7-ADOF-03 LE300~MSRP $59.99~Jacket and hat ensemble.

Woe is Me OUTFIT ONLY~T7-ADOF-02 LE300~MSRP $59.99~To die for corduroy jacket over layered dress; includes tights and boots

The Original Drearys

While Agnes Dreary had her solo debut in late August of 2007, a twin brother - Viktor followed in 2008 in the Tonner Mainline Collection. Older sibling - Sister - also appeared with this collection. Brother Dreary was released in 2010. (Click on picture to enlarge)

Front row L - Prima Agnes Dreary     Front row R - Viktor Dreary

Agnes Dreary Dressed Doll~T7-ADDD-01 LE500~MSRP $99.99~Solemnly includes dress, tights, shoes and display stand

Viktor Dreary DRESSED DOLL~T8-ADDD-02 LE1000~MSRP $99.99~Striped knit turtleneck w/ black corduroy pants; includes striped, knit socks and lace-up boots.

Back row L - Brother Dreary     Back row R - Sister Dreary
Brother Dreary DD T10ADDD04 LE300 RP$169 17" Matt Body w/ Brown Eyes; Jeremy Voss Face Sculpt

Sister Dreary DRESSED DOLL~T8-ADDD-03LE1000~MSRP $149.99~NEW Sister Dreary face sculpt.

Drearyly ring in the holiday season

My Drearyness is complete. My last grail Dreary has been added to the collection and what a remarkable journey it has been. I learned via the internet that adults (many of us kids at heart) are serious doll collectors and even have groups that support our hobby. Big Grin! Along the way I have made so many wonderful friends who have helped me through a doll crisis here and there and even a few down times in my real deal life. You all mean the world to me and I could never begin to express my love and appreciation for our friendship. XOXOXOXO (click on pictures to enlarge)

(Mistletoe Mishap~SD~DD~T8-ADDD-06 LE 200~MSRP $174.99~Floor-length crinkled taffeta dress with chiffon) L
The 16 inch doll on the left was the final Dreary needed. Obtained her on Ebay in December 2011.
(Naughty or Nice~AD~DD~T8-ADDD-04 LE 200~MSRP $129.99~Plaid dress with taffeta yoke, collar, & pleated dust ruffle, and knit sleeves over a fully lined knit bodysuit; includes faux leather Mary Janes.) C
The twelver in the center is an Agnes Dreary released in 2008 for the Tonner Fall/Holiday Collection.
(Scary Christmas~VD~DD~T8-ADDD-06 LE 200~MSRP $124.99~Velveteen suit with satin collar and cuffs and over-sized plaid bow; includes lined black stockings and faux leather lace-up boots.) R
Viktor completes this holiday trio.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Viktor Dreary Fashion Description

1. The shirt does have snaps in the back, all the way up to the top of  the collar - that way, if you want to show the lower half of his face, you can just undo 2 snaps. (The shirt is lined)

2. His pants are made of corduroy, and he has two pockets on the front of his pants, though they are just little folds of material, rather than functional pockets. The shorts have one snap in the back, and there is no belt and no underwear. (The pants have cuffs and are unlined)

Special thank you to BLUE for the descriptions!

Click on pics to enlarge -

Starting the Cheery Dreary holiday season

Some of the Drearys are back in the library - that in between stage from the Christmas Show 2011 to January 1. The theme is Tree Ornaments 2011 - Librarian, Pages, Trustees and Volunteers shared favorite ornament memories. Mine centered on my fondness for Craftsman style  homes.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mini Mood

Not too many collectors seem to delight in this doll. I happen to like her look/style.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mystery Doll Question

Someone from Cheery About Agnes Dreary owns this doll. Guesses anyone??????

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Amelia Boo

Ameila Boo Thimble is from the Tonner 2011 Halloween Convention - and is thankful for her many toys and afternoon tea.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Creedy Halloween project

For Halloween Berdine Creedy offered her Yahoo group the opportunity to add a small bjd dressed in a designer Halloween fashion. I chose Lady Bug bc Bee and Fly demanded I complete the trio on the doll shelf.

Since Mel Creedy already resided in Drearydom and was in dire need of a little sister, dressing them both in matching outfits was a thrill. The bat dress from the Halloween project is worn here by Goodreau fiver elf/gnome Honeysuckle who was bodyblushed to her fun purple hue by AnnMarie in RI. Honeysuckle is an imaginary friend to all the small dolls. : )  (click on pics to enlarge.)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Journey - and all the days thereafter

Weak pictures - camera/downloading woes - sniff to tears BUT here are more of the journey to Halloween 2011 at Drearydom Larks!

EW My Tell Tale Heart (Wilde Imagination)

Madame Myst, Lucine, Ringmistress, Waif, Giggles, Teezer of the Sinister Circus (Tonner)

Tiny BJDs - Elf (Goodreau), Hujoo (Junky Spot), Anonynous 5ver (Goodrearu), Pig (Goodreau)

Lovely Amy (Elfdoll) wearing Goodreau

The obvious Drearys (Viktor, Brother, Sister, Agnes) from Tonner surround vintage circa Baby Face #1 Galoob wearing her goth fashion from Ebayer 1ofakind49. The extra Dreary is No Frills Sister dressed in the fashion Dark Desire from EG by WI. What happened to the orginal Evangeline was too ghastly to re-tell. Only AM knows the truth!!!

The Kish Kids for Halloween 2011 - re-named Joon - Urban Song (Kish Chrysalis line) and re-painted by Nancy Lee Moran wears a fashion from Goodreau, 12 inch Floral Revelry Bethany wears a fashion from Ebayer SSDesigns, Lisbet wears her little witch frock/hat by Ebayer mrsbobbinsews, and little Miki's crocheted pumpkin attire is by Ebayer dollsbybarbie. No, Tulah the tuff wasn't forgotten - she will be presented another day closer to Halloween!