Monday, May 12, 2014

Springtime Hollylocks

Collectors wax and wane in doll choices. The Lasher dolls initially seemed too little bold girly for me.
                                      UNTIL I purchased Lydia Grimsley\

Lydia Grimsley

The resin quality, the detailing, the posing, the fashions ALL stellar -

When Kim herself offered the 8" Lollipop Holly a month ago

I decided to add her. Kim contacted me to say she would be willing to have her fashion designer do a little spring dress for me if I would like. Since it is spring - I agreed! Christmas Holly became Hollylocks! : ) Since more time was needed to process, Kim generously offered two other wigs for the doll. BUT - Hollylocks is an adorable brunette with deep brown glass eyes and will stay that way - never to be re-dressed or redone!