Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mesmerizing Maudy

Word can not express how much I adore this doll. PERFECTION!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Maudy Maglio - Holiday Blues

Loving the Agnes Dreary sad Victorian girl goth doll enticed me to purchase Tonner's
cute little Maudlynne Macabre. The prototype cuteness didn't make it to real deal doll and I sold her.


Then a doll artist by the name of  JOHN MAGLIO posted pics on assorted doll groups of his Maudy (as he calls her) repaints. And WOWZER - there was the doll I had searched for.

John's Link -


Cotton Candy was my first love - but alas had been sold. I had forgotten about the doll until a few weeks ago and fortunately a member of Prego was able to help me locate the artist who had created OOAK MM with the pink eyes and wonderful expression. Still John had no Maudy dolls available.

More examples of John's Maudy dolls.
A casual glance at Tonner Swap and Sell showed John had posted a FS of his latest creation - Holiday Blues Maudy.
"Someones got the "Holiday Blues" all because she fell asleep again and missed Santa....... even the present he left behind won't lift her mood, poor Maudlynne. She has received a full repaint using artist grade paints, pastels, watercolour pencils, and sealers. A freckle faced little brown eyed and long lashed beauty, shaded in tones of browns, blues, and pinks also has some blushing of the hands and feet that feature a frosty blue french mani/pedi. Her bangs were trimmed and hair was put up in braided knots adorned with festive flowers. She will come in original box with original outfit(not one shown), secret present from Santa, and COA."
Maudy TOD from Canada was TODAY- fingers crossed she'll be in Drearydom Larks USA for Christmas Eve cocoa!

Friday, December 13, 2013

St. Lucia Day in Drearydom

Jane's Agnes wears Lucia candles for the Cheeraboutagnesdreary St. Lucia Day Celebration -
                                                          -click on pictures to enlarge-

In the early morning hours the St. Lucia of the house serves a hot beverage and a bakery treat to her loved ones.
The Agnes of Drearydom Larks sent surprises with a twist to her Dreary friends:a rug mug for the hot beverage cup in a black/white design
Some cocoa or tea stirred with a vintage silver spoon
and the Agnes Dreary Twists?
Turn the mug rug on the reverse side to find
Mug Rug by Tobacco Shed Quilts on Etsy
 LINK below
and the silver spoon declares a message (do avoid too much sugar or chocolate - perhaps?)
Designer Vintage Spoon by Milk and Honey on Etsy
LINK below
Wishing everyone a marvelous, holiday season!

Happy St. Lucia Day

St. Lucia Day
 - festival of lights -

One of the earliest Christian martyrs, St. Lucia was killed by the Romans in ad 304 because of her religious beliefs.

In Scandinavian countries each town elects its own St. Lucia. The festival begins with a procession led by the St. Lucia designee, who is followed by young girls dressed in white and wearing lighted wreaths on their heads and boys dressed in white pajama-like costume singing traditional songs. The festival marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Scandinavia, and it is meant to bring hope and light during the darkest time of the year. Schools generally close around noon on the day of the festival so that families can prepare for the holiday. Families observe St. Lucia’s Day in their homes by having one of their daughters (traditionally the eldest) dress in white and serve coffee and baked goods, such as saffron bread (lussekatter) and ginger biscuits, to the other members of the family. These traditional foods are also given to visitors during the day.

Nikki of  Wales designed the lovely little St. Lucia

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Day Before St. Lucia

Getting ready for St. Lucia Day. Alvira tucks Lucy Prim into her pocket.

click on pictures to enlarge

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Grim Little Christmas

Wishing everyone a GRIM little Chirstmas -

Connie's Lowe's Sprockets - Grim
Fashion by Ulla Designs

Tonner's Three Spirits of Christmas

Christmas Future aka Anna Caroline is a Drearydom character -  the great great ghostly grandmother  to Agnes Dreary.  At Christmas she is one of the three spirits created by Robert Tonner for the line Charles Dickens - Christmas Carol. (click on picture to enlarge)

This year Tonner's vintage Eric accompanies them as author Charles Dickens - watching over his characters.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Dickens of a doll for the three Christmas spirits

Who isn't spellbound by Charles Dickens' storytelling? Especially around the holidays. For my Past Present Future display this year I wanted a Charles Dickens lookalike to be standing with them. Didn't exactly happen but I did find a rather impressive doll to represent Mr. Dickens at an earlier age. IMO

from Ebay "Eric, a 21" male model fashion doll made by the Robert Tonner Doll Company. Eric is a limited edition and this doll is 131/500. He has rooted dark brown hair and his face paint is holding nicely. His head, shoulders and legs move in their sockets and hold position. His body shows light play wear; however, there is some darker discoloration on and under his arms as well as his back. I'm not sure the cause since the white tuxedo shirt is clean. His outfit consists of a white tuxedo shirt, red heart boxes, black tux jacket and pants, black satin bow tie and matching cummerbund, black socks and black tuxedo shoes. There are no visible rips or tears on the outfit though there may be some discoloration around the neck of his white shirt. Doll stand is included as is his tag noting his limited edition status."
I displayed him today with the spirits (tomorrow's pic) and DH walks in and questions where I found the Benedict Cumberbatch doll. Hmm - perhaps there is a slight resemblance.

 BC presents a pretty dramatic reading of some most curious words from R. Kelly -

An owl hat for Tulah Kish

LN (Ellen Harris) makes the cutest little owl hats for the Kish Kids. Tulah is toasty warm in hers.

Crispin - OOAK owl hat for Kish DJ & Riley by Ellen $14.99

  New one of a kind owl hat for DJ or Riley by Ellen Harris Made just for Riley and all her little friends.
My Riley models an owl hat of heather gray, edged in black, with glittery black eye rings and gray eye buttons.
Each hat is hand made from unique combinations of all new fibers and is one of a kind.

Friday, December 6, 2013

A doll chair for Agnes Dreary

I love miniature furniture as much as the dolls. Was so excited to find Charlene on Prego who offered this 16" doll scaled chair - wing back in blk/wht chevron pattern.

Link to Charlene's site -

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shopping Styles - Yves St. Laurent

Hmmm - this looks like something the cast of AHS Coven would wear.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Haunting Stroll

Why this doll? Tulah the tuff needed a display mother and everyone knows that children who attended Grimm's Fabled Academy for Girls must be related to at least one character from literary fiction, film or the doll world. Add some red locks and we have Tonner's 2006 A Haunting Stroll.

Haunted Stroll (changed from 'Poison Ivy')
LE1500          $199.99
Standard Red hair; brown side-glancing eyes
Dramatically sweeping duster of embroidered organza with soutache belt and hand-beaded ends over separate slim-style dress of charmeuse with hand-beaded detail at neckline with arm straps; includes earrings, hose, shoes and custom stand.

Thanksgiving Day is the best day to be thankful for family and friends -

Tulah the tuff and her new display mother and sister -


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wishing You A Most Dreary Halloween 2013

Boo and happy trick or treating from the little doll that got me into serious doll collecting - my personal favorite Halloween pic. Wishing everyone a most Agnes DREARY Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Mixed Bag

Dolls to decorations. More Halloween from Drearydom Larks!

HOPE Amy Elfdoll and Holly Goodreau Martin and Honeysuckle Come play - Sleepy Hollow

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Vintage Red Halloween 2013

My favorite Halloween doll  picture - ever - and the first doll picture that was taken of one from  my early collection ( when my collection contained - ahem - about ten dolls ) Please note that THIS is the fearful doll that creeps out my BFF friend Annie and makes her cover her eyes. : o

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Whimsy 'n Spice dolls

Sharing a little Halloween whimsy 'n spice and I am not referring to my favorite online cookie shop in the Bronx - which reminds me that I must order some of their delish pepper shortbreads w/ chocolate currant filling. No - my whimsy means the sweet little Jenny and Lexie dolls  by Heather Maciak wearing their Halloween frock and jumper fashions by Jo's Doll Shoppe. The little treat bag is by Nikki UK. The spice is added by the Drearys who accompanied them their Halloween adventures 2013.

Drearys and Maciak girlsMaciak Girls

Pink Peppercorn

And in case you are interested in the best cookies ever ( not your sweet sugar kid kind ) try these offerings from the W and S cookie shop.

Whimsy and Spice online cookie shop

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Halloween costume is in the inking

A special Halloween greeting to AnnMarie whose gift of Jayson ( Mortimer Mort ) gets ready for Halloween with his pal Amanda Evert. PS AM did the face-up and detailing on Mortimer.

Mortimer and Amanda

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween - Vampire! Witch!

Nikki Britt created Felix and Autumn - but Connie of Sweet Creations dressed them for Halloween!

Felix and Autumn Halloween 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Halloween is in the dress motif

This duo is from Paulette Goordreau and a size comparison picture (for AM). As for the Halloween flavor - Holly's dress has lightning bolts ( or maybe they're bats) on it and the fashion on Kerli (crafted for ME Ann Estelle) is a candy corn theme on front of jumper and fabric pattern. Goodreau Holly and Kerli

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Princess = BETTER

Never know what the Great Pumpkin will drop in the mailbox! All the way from Wales comes this brilliant creation. XOXOXOX to Auntie Nikki!

Halloween treats/cards The leaf shoe! The Most Wonder Pumpkin Princess The Pumpkin Princess