Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pet Corgi - for the dolls

As I mentioned in an earlier post, My BF A. fears Tulah. (My son doesn't appreciate My Twinns - my Lenore is not allowed around him) so I decided if Tulah and A. had a common interest they might bond better.

The plush from MA is part of the MA Wales doll with dog. Perhaps it was as good as they could get in the plush world BUT the ears are on BACKWARDS - what's with that??? : 0

BTW what is the proper term for doll phobia?

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  1. I don't know the proper term for doll phobia but, your post reminded me of a time that I made a set of Mr. and Mrs. Claus dolls..just for decorative purposes...from Polymer Clay.
    Now I am not necessarily 'gifted' in sculpting and I ended up frightening my children with Mrs. Claus. (She was rather creepy..)
    She is now 'tucked safely away' in a box of 'retired' Christmas decorations. For some reason I couldn't bear to just toss her.