Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dolls who pattern art ~ we love RusticGoth

It's true - all the dolls and doll owner at Grimm's Fabled Academy for Girls LOVE RusticGoth.

What's RusticGoth? Here's the story of how I found this delighful and wonderfully Dreary site on Etsy.

When one belongs to a doll group such as Cheery About Agnes Dreary for collectors of Agnes Dreary (by Robert Tonner who later added twin brother Viktor and older sibling Sister) - one can NOT escape the occasional swaps.

Themes are selected (we've done Valentine's Day, May Day, Halloween, NB4X, and a few others) and clever gifties must be exchanged. Since I am a confessed Etsy addict, that site is my primary sourse of WONDERFUL creations by artists in all mediums.

SOooo - Agnes Dreary is a somber - little Victorian doll...goth girlish. Search "goth girl." and up came RusicGoth! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

I found two prints and a mirror which became very popular exchanges. Later I also ordered ACEOs which fit better in my already crowded apartment.

Here's Agnes Dreary -

and on the Robert Tonner site -

And the little goth/Victorian Girl from RusticGoth (ACEO of Home Haunted Home)

and on the RusticGoth Etsy site-
I can't own one without the OTHER! And as far as ACEOs go - who can own just one of them???
Hmmm...think it's time to shop some more at RusticGoth...

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