Thursday, January 16, 2014

Little Red Cap

It took a long, long time to add this doll to my Kish kid line. Found one NRFB on Ebay and added her to Drearydom. Can't figure out the attachment method for the two light brown lace collars - if that is indeed what they are!

 (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Little Red Cap

A little twist on the classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Cap refers to an earlier title and embodies a new interpretation of the character (the third) from Kish and Company. Riley as Little Red Cap stands 7.5 inches tall though she is bent forward slightly as she strides through the forest. She wears a long sleeved cotton underdress with a colorful jumper with an embroidered purple felt bodice and a full cotton skirt (floral patterns on a black background). Her jaunty boots are red with black trim and buttons and true to her name, she wears a red felt cap over her dark brown circlet braids. Yet another twist is the knapsack she carries on her back. It holds a topsy doll with Granny on one end and Wulfie on the other, in place of the usual edibles. Watch out Little Red Cap! (The topsy sculpts are resin with a cloth body)
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Monday, January 13, 2014

It's NOT Monday -

Maudy Blue and Mondays - (click on pictures to enlarge)

Holiday Blues Maudy (repaint by the amazing John Maglio)  wears her blue Monday under fashions designed for LeeAnn dolls. Her bed is a copy Muffy VanderBear style but the linens are original to the VanderBear line.