Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Dreary Clowns (by the doll artist named Nikki)

The members of cheery about agnes dreary are amazing and beyond. Top of the list - Nikki. Her created treasures are seen throughout Drearydom Larks. Her latest project always seems to be her best BUT THEN she posts something new and that becomes BETTER than best.

Her latest: THE DREARY CLOWNS The story! The Repaints! The Costumes! The Accessories (check out the popcorn and machine) YUP - all done by Nikki! Amazing is a synonym for Nikki.

Check out the pics and writing samples from the story:

They had been the best, the three of them. Family. One of the favourite shows at the Laurent Carnival. Horatio, Clown and Dumdum; father, son and dummy. Children and adults alike were captivated by their colourful antics and Dumdum’s witty retorts. Juggling, balancing, voice throwing, they did it all, and the audience loved them for it.

Stripping away the fool’s personality, Clown was a handsome young man, though his bright and unruly hair was only too real and gave him a somewhat wild look. With his face on, Clown could be flamboyantly loud and energetic, but with the last colours wiped away, the quiet young man emerged. He attempted to smooth his hair down a little; he wanted to look his best this evening. He had an important question to ask

The carnies gathered around the carousel, candles in hand, to welcome the bride and groom. Hand in hand, as Libby was still a little unsteady on her feet, they made their way to the ride. Dumdum waved proudly from the crowd, held up by Kitty.

As the carousel slowly revolved, Clown and Libby made their marriage vows to one other. Those spoken and the unspoken, when meant from the heart, whether it beats or not, are the most powerful and not easily broken by man, nor time, nor death itself.

What to do with Ty Dolls...

whose clothes have been used on the Marleys and Drearys? Well - I kept/re-dressed the boy doll and transformed him into a sweet little girl enjoying her swing. Most of the dolls are a bit too flashy to enter the Drearydom. : )

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Almost time for HALLOWEEN

This year the keynote motif is SKULLS. Not that black cats or candy corn or ghosts will be forgotten - just some more skulls than usual.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Grimmsters Time Travel

To Paris, perhaps - all pretty and proper!

A sneak Halloween peek

The dolls can't seem to wait to show off their costumes!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mesmer's Military Academy of the Mind

A new "school" of the play mind will emerge in Drearydom January 2010. Here a peek at Jerome and Caine going shopping with their mother Mrs. Sno Queen and Mrs. Dru Frill and siblings little Tess and Tinsley.

Military fashions are from war toys DOT com.
PLEASE NOTE - I have no clue from whence came the designs of this military garb - friend or foe. I do not collect Action Figures - these are just my little ole dolls pretending to be in military school.

All I got was this T- Shirt and that was GREAT!!!!!

Just a play on that T-shirt line cuz I truly am sooooo excited to have my Doll friend AM send this Little Martian T-shirt for Tyler Wentworth to me!!! Wowzer. Apparently they were gifting them at the 2008 Tonner Halloween convention! Took me Forever and a day to collect all the Lunas and the Little Martians (mentioned in an earlier post).

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No Frills Dreary

Quite the bargain from Tonner - lovely basic Drearys

NCIS theme for the Grimmsters 2009

Black, red. white, pink - using Auntie Nikki's Abby doll as inspiration they show their BTS uniform choices.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The CDC Nightgown contest

Sent friend Penne the rules to the Jenny nightgown contest. She sews - and who wouldn't want to win a Lexie (or Jenny) in a trunk with fashions from Heather Maciak??? I think she was really busy (she has a huge family and a very stressful job) but appeased me by creating a remarkable nightgown after we decided on a Pooh Bear theme. See the essay below.


A member of the Yahoo group place first with a great Raggedy Ann outfit. But - my little Jenny wearing Penne's nightgown placed 4th ( they showed the top seven in the magazine ). DELIGHTED ( since I am someone with awful vision and a refurbished camera that almost opens everytime.)

Here's the pic we didn't enter:

And the one we did that won 4th place:

and our essay:

"But you know I don't sew," declared Carly as she looked into the begging, blue eyes of her first Jenny doll child (Pastel Jenny 6/30 Jo's Doll Shoppe) who had arrived months earlier - a companion for Lexie - the doll on the top shelf with the giving heart.

Jenny, refusing defeat and unmoved by her doll mother's words, sat for hours by the opened magazine which displayed the nightgown competition rules.

"How's this for a plan," Carly offered later that day. "Auntie Penne can fashion the nightgown. I'll stage the picture but YOUR imagination must determine the theme. We'll do this as a team!

Thoughts from Jenny doll sparkled through the air - "My nightgown and slippers should match my vintage bed linens, appeal to my favorite cuddle bear but not interfere with my own sweetly colored dreams."

Forward: Dressed in her new nightie with toasty slippered feet, Jenny sits next to plush bear waiting for a bedtime story!