Wednesday, December 17, 2008

*The TRI

Decided that the Grimm Academy needed to start an ophanage/pre-school after I fell in love with the Helen Kish Riley sized 7 1/2 inch dolls!

My first Helen Kish kid was Fancy Circus Tulah. (LE 750/SRP$140.00 )

Her flame red hair with it's ability to never stay in place brought giggles galore to all who see her - except my BF A. who is frightened of the poor dear. Removed the doll from my computer armoire top so A. could avoid it! : )

When Doll Market had Tulah on sale for a lowest ever price, I decided to form the Tri - Tulah learns that she is not alone although abandoned at birth. She is one of triplets:Tulah, Rhyme, and Ivy.
The pre-school students at Grimm's Fabled Academy for girls are nicknamed "The Grimmlets." The tween to teen students hold the moniker - "The Grimmsters."
Note that Heavenly Handful dolls make the perfect baby siblings for these wee ones.

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