Sunday, December 21, 2008

*SOooo - what do dolls EAT? Can they own pets?

When a collector decides to go beyond simply dressing and shelf displaying dolls, human needs seem to appear and a doll owner must nuture these needs.

I wanted minature food stuffs for the girls and began some Google searching madness. (What would I do without that search engine?) The end result turned up a product called Re-Ment Puchi Petites.

The scale is around 1:6 which means these miniatures will work rather well with dolls around 12 inches and under. My favorite style dolls to display with Re-Ments are Momokos - BUT - most teeny thingies from Re-Ment do suit the Dreary/Marley girls.

Momoko Slow Smiles and Dash wearing Re-Ment fashions.

There is so much to learn about this incredible company/product that on your next down day - make a mug of coffee topped with foamed milk/cinnamon and enter the Re-Ment site - head for the product section. OMG - you won't know what to look at first or next.

Most of these items can be found on Ebay or at doll/hobby shops.

"...Puchi Petites are scaled miniatures of everyday items."

These donuts were my first and favorite Re-Ment miniature.

Happy Family grandmother bakes for the holidays in her Re-Ment kitchen.
Need a cat or dog for your Dreary/Marley doll? Re-Ment has them also!
The dog says ARF as he stares at the ZARF. (My lame attempt at humor)

The pet for this Heather Maciak/Jenny doll is the potty cat we renamed Sylvester!

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