Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*So NEW to him - Yet so old to me

I believe Mrs. Havishman mumbled words similar to these to Pip as he stood mesmerized by the (rotting) oddities in her rooms.

This is my first (actually - um - fifth) attempt at composing and maintaining a blog. All others were deleted due to my inexperience in layout and design. So blogs may be old and easy to you, dear reader, BUT I assure you - like Pip - this is all so new to me.

My semi-serious, doll collecting commenced in August of 2007 with the release of Robert Tonner's Agnes Dreary. I joined an online group to learn if others had received their Agnes dolls because I was certain mine was delayed in shipping and collecting dust while forgotten on the top shelf of postal neverland.

My first experience with groups - and to my surprise, the members of this group not only collected BUT displayed their dolls while making assorted fashions for them and composing stories to accompany the doll dioramas. Who knew that collectors did this?
This collecting distraction was WHAT I NEEDED to overpower the chronic pain that greeted me every morning. But that's another post. Possibly another blog.

So out of it all was formed Grimm's Fabled Academy for Girls. The Drearydom for Agnes Dreary and all her friends and family.

This blog will chronicle my adventures in the land of doll collecting. I hope to have plenty of Drearydom Larks with none being dreary...

Dolly hugs,
Carly in Catarrh (who no longer proofs or provides excuses) and everyone at Grimm's.

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