Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*A doll named Raven

(Raven greets Agnes Dreary)

Members of the Agnes Dreary group waited in anticipation of the arrival of their Agnes dolls during August 2007. Many confessed their "other" dolls were waiting to greet her. Other dolls? I didn't have an "other" doll. I had no clue what doll would even complement Agnes.

Did a Tonner Agnes Dreary search and learned that Agnes had the body of Marley Wentworth. Who? More Google searches and I found a store online - Cherished Friends - who had some of these Marleys in stock. : ) My first doll quest!

Basic ballerina in a pink tutu - okay - would this ballerina doll work with little goth Agnes? Were there dark and dreary outfits I could find for her? I purchased the Marley doll with the dark bob whose name was Raven. (Tonner Dance Class Basic Raven/T7-MWBD-02/Dance Class Basics – LE 500 EACH - Retail $69.99 EACH - Basic dolls include knit body suit, detachable tutu, hair ribbon , slippers and display stand.)

Several months passed before I realized the doll's name was not Raven. Raven was simply the shade of her hair. Embarrassed - red faced embarrassment! But I kept her name as Raven. Suited the dreary theme perfectly. : 0 : )

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