Saturday, December 20, 2008

Little Lady in Pink

Marley's First Dance
DRESSED DOLL T6-MWDD-01/LE1000 $114.99
Summer Blonde hair; green forward-glancing eyes
Metallic chiffon bodice with spaghetti straps over layered crinkle chiffon skirt secured at waist with a bow. Includes necklace, hair trim, hose, shoes and custom stand.

Remember your first dance? (Personally thinking late 50s thru early 60s)

The one where the boys were all shorter than the girls and the girls were so pre-teen that they wore pretend bras...which have currently evolved into sports bras.

Music was provided by a 45 RPM record player and tunes would skip when there was too much movement on the dance floor. The movement usually wasn't from dancing but from the guys, who were on one side of the room, goofing off. The girls stayed on the other end and giggled into their hands or the ears of their best girlfriends in reaction to the escapades of the boys.

The Girls at Grimm's Academy will soon have their first proper dance and I wanted a Marley to represent the one girl who always appeared at these dance events in a swirl of pink with bouncing blonde curls. This was the girl that made the boys sigh. The girl the boys would dare to cross the dance floor for while carrying cupfuls of pretend punch.

Marley's First Dance DD (dressed doll) arrived today - a bargain find of around 41 dollars before shipping.

She is melting my heart. The dress is glitter girl in a soft way while the little pink shoes with gold embroidered tops accent it perfectly. Her hair is a mass of soft curls minus the crispy crunch found on the heads of the Marley sized Lyra and Alice Victorian Stripes.

A pearl on a chain was included but the clasp needs repair. The chain seems a tad crude - wonder if it will give her green neck that cheap jewelry tends to do
on humans. : )

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