Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Did I hear Santa's reindeer?

The dolls were very good this year and are anxiously waiting for Santa!
Re-dressed Circus Tulah by Helen Kish waits for Santa

Dickens Ghosts: l to r - Future, Present, Past by Robert Tonner

Tiny Betsy - All I Want for Christmas DD from Effanbee


  1. Very nice doll photos here!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Some Tonner family members live here, too: Agnes Dreary, Tiny Betsy, Ellowyne Wilde, Wee Patsy and a few others.

    Merry, merry holidays!

  2. Ellowyne Wilde is one POSH dollie - on spite of her ennui! But now she has Rugus to brighten her day.

    Thank you for stopping by - a wonderful NEW YEAR to you!