Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Viktor Dreary Fashion Description

1. The shirt does have snaps in the back, all the way up to the top of  the collar - that way, if you want to show the lower half of his face, you can just undo 2 snaps. (The shirt is lined)

2. His pants are made of corduroy, and he has two pockets on the front of his pants, though they are just little folds of material, rather than functional pockets. The shorts have one snap in the back, and there is no belt and no underwear. (The pants have cuffs and are unlined)

Special thank you to BLUE for the descriptions!

Click on pics to enlarge -


  1. Thank you again for this description, I made the shirt yesterday, and now I´m sewing the trousers...Dreary hugs, Irmi

  2. Irmi - can't wait to see pictures! Dreary hugs, Carly