Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Original Drearys

While Agnes Dreary had her solo debut in late August of 2007, a twin brother - Viktor followed in 2008 in the Tonner Mainline Collection. Older sibling - Sister - also appeared with this collection. Brother Dreary was released in 2010. (Click on picture to enlarge)

Front row L - Prima Agnes Dreary     Front row R - Viktor Dreary

Agnes Dreary Dressed Doll~T7-ADDD-01 LE500~MSRP $99.99~Solemnly includes dress, tights, shoes and display stand

Viktor Dreary DRESSED DOLL~T8-ADDD-02 LE1000~MSRP $99.99~Striped knit turtleneck w/ black corduroy pants; includes striped, knit socks and lace-up boots.

Back row L - Brother Dreary     Back row R - Sister Dreary
Brother Dreary DD T10ADDD04 LE300 RP$169 17" Matt Body w/ Brown Eyes; Jeremy Voss Face Sculpt

Sister Dreary DRESSED DOLL~T8-ADDD-03LE1000~MSRP $149.99~NEW Sister Dreary face sculpt.

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