Monday, December 19, 2011

Hugs and Kishes - 2011

Not only assorted Tonners and Drearys reside in Drearydom. The place wouldn't be complete without a Kish to two.

left to right

Left - Olivia & Effie by Helen Kish the newest 12" head sculpt is paired with a new head sculpt for a 6" bent limb baby and have emerged as Olivia & Effie, Olivia has a long, jet black mohair wig with full bangs, and blue, blue eyes.

Right - “Floral Revelry” Bethany stands 12” tall, with 13 points of articulation. Her vinyl head is hand painted with blue eyes and she wears her pale blonde mohair in a classic bob. Her new head sculpt is updated with a little more mature version of the original Bethany. Here, Bethany wears a sleeveless dress with a two tiered skirt of floral design on a black back ground and black & tan stripes (matching her bodice). Her red wool felt bolero jacket is festooned with floral and geometrical details, fixed with tiny beads. Completing her ensemble are black boots over black tights and a crisp toque mirroring the gray, red and burgundy in her jacket with embellishments of the same floral design front and center. LE350 (Note that the doll in the picture is not wearing the original tights)

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