Monday, December 19, 2011

Fashion Runway 2008 Agnes and Viktor

Two fashions for Agnes, two fashions for Viktor and one for either gender were released in the Mainline Collection from Tonner in 2008. (click on pics to enlarge)

Left to Right

Forlorn Photo Day~OO~T8-ADOF-05 LE500~MSRP $59.99~Corduroy jacket and pants with oversized collar and cuffs, striped bow, and pleather belt; includes knit stockings, and lace-up boots.
Pitiful Playtime~OO~T8-ADOF-01 LE500~MSRP $59.99~Red corduroy dress over striped knit top w/ Peter Pan style collar; includes headband, tights and red Mary Janes.
Dead Sleep~OO~T8-ADOF-02 LE500~MSRP $44.99~Knit pajama w/ Peter Pan style collar and white buttons; comes with matching stocking hat w/ pom-pom.
Recess in the Cemetery~OO~T8-ADOF-03 LE500~MSRP $59.99~Twill dress w/ pleated skirt detail and lace collar & cuffs; includes black tights and black Mary Janes
Little Mister Melancholy~OO~T8-ADOF-04 LE500~MSRP $59.99~Sailor style top w/ white tie and matching pants; includes black stockings and lace-up boots.

Dolls modeling the clothes Left to Right

No Frills Viktor Dreary, Dinner Doldrums Agnes Dreary, Marley Wentworth Ultra Basic Brunette 2008, Dance Class Basic Raven Marley Wentworth 2007,  The Snow Queen Kai 2008

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