Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What WAS in that cauldron?

Never sure what to call "IT."

IT being the styling of contemporary dolls and their fashions to look vintage with a bit of grunge similar to the look of a Charles Dickens' character: the orphan or the street urchin.

In the previous post AM was attempting a coffee dye to several of her doll's fashions.

Several prims live in Drearydom with skins and surfaces that have undergong this "treatment."

From Old World Primitives on Etsy - a short introduction:

"Primitive folk art dolls get their aged, antiqued look by tea staining or coffee dying the fabric they are made with. I prefer to work with undyed muslin fabric when making primitive dolls because it already has a bit of a primitive texture and color to it, and it absorbs the tea or coffee nicely. The muslin can either be dyed before or after you start making the doll. I find that doing my dying after the doll has already been constructed is easier, so that is the method I am doing to describe."

The following link gives a recipe for the procedure:

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  1. And I suppose drying them in the oven is preferable to a clothes line? Or, do you burn them a little for more authentic color? :)