Monday, March 12, 2012

(Spring Swap 2012) - Searching for Amelia Thimble

(Here is Part 1 of Amelia Boo and the Swap Baby Adventure - a friendly but fractured photostory told in "maybe it does and maybe it doesn't rhyme" prose. Errors will be plentiful!)

Amelia? Amelia Boo where are you?
(click on photos to enlarge)

 Momoko mother walked throughout Drearydom searching for the little lass. Amelia had visited  PrIm MoUse but the reading chair was now empty with Amelia's shoes left behind.

Amelia's dog Stone played with PrIm KiTtY but mother cat meowed no clues to where Amelia might be.

The pet mice offered no advice.

Sister Lisbet and brother Adam so new were the one's to offer the most helpful clue.

She had gone to visit AlMiRA PrIm to settle in her huge apron pocket for an afternoon nap.

Momoko Mother whispered in Amelia's ear that a wonderful surprise was near.

(to be continued)

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