Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AM in the AM

In the doll collecting world AM is my top resource person. If I'm looking for a particular doll on the seconday market, need an honest opinion on a new doll line, or simply have a question concerning best face-ups or locating a bargain accessory for a display, she's the person to contact!

Plus - she has such genuine concern about all doll person needs (can't imagine how many vinyls she's sent overseas to people looking for a HTF item).

Let me share some examples through pictures. (Click on pics to enlarge)

Needed some basic, back-to-school, unadorned fashions for the newest students in Grimm's Kinder Academy - twin sisters Kendall and Kiley Kish and AM suggested these Boneka styles:

We don't always see eye-to-eye. AM was perplexed by my sudden interest in Critters (yet did an ace job of body blushing, piercing, and re-naming the Goodreau elf creature Honeysuckle.)

Did I mention that Elfdoll Hana Devil lives in Drearydom bc of AM who found a seller on a bjd board for me. I panic on DoA and ZoZ bc I lack terminology savvy and direction w/ the mighty bjds!

While Amelia will never establish residence in RI, she still enjoys trinkets AM finds at sales of all kinds - holiday clearances to weekly yard sales.

"Amelia! Lisbet! I don't care what the product label says or that you're yelling - 'BUT it's from AM' - we are NOT celebrating Halloween in March!"

To my fabulous friend AM - I lift my glass of Coca Cola in tribute! (Dang - if I could only find my way to RI for Monday tacos.)


  1. She is wonderful. She helped me get one of my htf dolls and then was understanding when I was overwhelmed by it's size once it arrived, she didn't mind if I sold it (which I did). She is pretty darn awesome all the way around:) Sally

  2. doll friends are the best friends--they are the only ones who really UNDERSTAND!!!