Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Dickens of a doll for the three Christmas spirits

Who isn't spellbound by Charles Dickens' storytelling? Especially around the holidays. For my Past Present Future display this year I wanted a Charles Dickens lookalike to be standing with them. Didn't exactly happen but I did find a rather impressive doll to represent Mr. Dickens at an earlier age. IMO

from Ebay "Eric, a 21" male model fashion doll made by the Robert Tonner Doll Company. Eric is a limited edition and this doll is 131/500. He has rooted dark brown hair and his face paint is holding nicely. His head, shoulders and legs move in their sockets and hold position. His body shows light play wear; however, there is some darker discoloration on and under his arms as well as his back. I'm not sure the cause since the white tuxedo shirt is clean. His outfit consists of a white tuxedo shirt, red heart boxes, black tux jacket and pants, black satin bow tie and matching cummerbund, black socks and black tuxedo shoes. There are no visible rips or tears on the outfit though there may be some discoloration around the neck of his white shirt. Doll stand is included as is his tag noting his limited edition status."
I displayed him today with the spirits (tomorrow's pic) and DH walks in and questions where I found the Benedict Cumberbatch doll. Hmm - perhaps there is a slight resemblance.

 BC presents a pretty dramatic reading of some most curious words from R. Kelly -


  1. Thank you, AuntLou. My first Tonner doll was Agnes Dreary so I was unfamiliar with his early works. Must say I think this doll is wonderful and feel lucky to have found him.

  2. Until this post, I think I had never heard of Eric. He's quite the guy! :)