Friday, December 13, 2013

St. Lucia Day in Drearydom

Jane's Agnes wears Lucia candles for the Cheeraboutagnesdreary St. Lucia Day Celebration -
                                                          -click on pictures to enlarge-

In the early morning hours the St. Lucia of the house serves a hot beverage and a bakery treat to her loved ones.
The Agnes of Drearydom Larks sent surprises with a twist to her Dreary friends:a rug mug for the hot beverage cup in a black/white design
Some cocoa or tea stirred with a vintage silver spoon
and the Agnes Dreary Twists?
Turn the mug rug on the reverse side to find
Mug Rug by Tobacco Shed Quilts on Etsy
 LINK below
and the silver spoon declares a message (do avoid too much sugar or chocolate - perhaps?)
Designer Vintage Spoon by Milk and Honey on Etsy
LINK below
Wishing everyone a marvelous, holiday season!

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