Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuff Tulah Time and the yellow petals 6/14

She calls it her froggie uniform (bc postal workers, UPS workers have their required attire) - hmmm - thinking this means Tulah will be wearing her floppy beige socks, flowered shoes, and froggie uniform for the entire summer of 2011. The washing machine will be humming every evening.

When asked just what her occupation was that a uniform was required, she did her eye thing with her flame hair standing even more on end, glanced upward and mumbled that she wanders around the house and sees things. Things that need to be fixed or corrected or cleaned. Great - next she'll need white gloves.

Yesterday the observation was the pitcher with fresh cut flowers that needed clean water and yellow petal pick-up surrounding it. Couldn't have been too severe bc her pointing arm wasn't as direct and manic as usual. : )

This wonderful froggie fashion is from mrsbobbinsews on Ebay  (great quality, style, and attention to detail!)


  1. Tuff Tulah looks great in her new "uniform"!

    aka: mrsbobbinsews

  2. We love your fashions, Janice. C and T