Thursday, June 23, 2011

Serious and Pouty - and that's good!

When members of the Berdine Creedy group participated in the March Doll Project, Berdine kindly offered to send a Magna doll to each participant if they knew someone who needed a doll to love.

A Pouty Pia arrived at my house waiting to be groomed for her child. DH fixed the magnet in her leg. A fashion and wig were puchased to finish her look.

She is the one in the white dress and dark blond braids. Isn't she lovely!

Who are the other two, you ask? Since Pouty Pia one will be leaving Drearydom Larks, the other dolls and I decided we needed some Magna girls as permanent residents!

My Pouty Pia is on the viewer's left wearing her original outfit and one of two wigs, and in the middle is Serious Sadi who borrowed Ann Estelle's romper, shoes, and glasses. Her wig was also borrowed from my Berdine Creedy March Dol Chi Chi re-named Charm.

A special thank you to Berdine for her generosity and kindness. XOXO from althedolz at Drearydom Larks

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