Monday, June 20, 2011

TOP 10 American BJD wish list

As I wait for DH to arrive for dinner I decided to compile this reference list which could change at a moment's notice.

Top Ten American BJD  wish list

10. Harmoni from Creedy

9. Destini from Creedy

8. Bad Alice from Creedy

7. Ameila Thimble from Tonner/WI

6. Whisper from Goodreau

5. Tiny Betsy resin from Tonner/Effanbee

4. A second Agnes Dreary resin bjd from Tonner

3. DDE Exlusive Petite Treats by Creedy

2. Secret resin bjd from Goodreau

1. Lisbet from Kish/Lady B from Creedy/Snow White resin bjd from Goodreau

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