Friday, April 22, 2011

Giveaway - for lucky number FOUR - NIKKI!

Agnes Dreary wouldn't be herself if she didn't do things in a different goth-like way. 

Like the eggs (designed by Nikki in UK)

If you answer this eggy question in an Agnes Dreary thematic way your name will be entered in my first Drearydom Larks giveaway where the giveaway prize will be - ta da - the latest book release from Pomegranate from Edward Gorey titled The Evil Garden.


Link to Pemegranate Books The Evil Garden

The eggy question: Suppose the black egg with the white dots seen in the pictures with my sweet sinister Aggie and Nikki's Agnes Dreayy HATCHED - what would exit that shell???

Write your response in the comment section of this post. The deadline is Monday at Noon Eastern Time in PA.  If you respond, your name will be placed in a large wooden bowl and the winning entry drawn by Agnes herself. (With a little handy help from her doll dresser.)


  1. Agnes was rather excited with her discovery of the dreary black egg speckled in white. She ran her hand over the smooth surface only to discover a jagged crack. Something pricked her finger drawing blood to the surface spilling onto the egg. She placed the egg in her pocket and headed home. Her brother spotted her and asked, "Agnes, what are you doing with THAT??" Agnes looked down towards her pocket and saw the most horrific mutant ever to be seen: it was pink and fluffy... Agnes stared and it appeared to smile as it cooed at Agnes. Oh my! Agnes discovered the only pink fluffy Griffon to hatch in all of Drearydom....

  2. Agnes egg basket was full of lovely black and white eggs, but there was still room for one more, so she kept searching. There was something near the well, under the weeping willow tree, just at the base...was it another egg? It was, and this egg was special, the only one that was black with white dots she had ever seen. Agnes slipped it tenderly into the basket, just as her mother called her to come help in the kitchen. She put the basket on the stone floor near the huge cast iron cooking stove, and helped her mother prepare the feast for their evening celebration. As she chopped the last beet, she heard a cracking sound, and turned...and saw a tiny harpy clutching the edge of the basket with it's tiny clawed foot...

  3. Cherylette wasn't able to post bc of URL problem - hete is her response:

    I couldn't make it appear as a comment -- A little note kept popping up saying my URL had illegal characters in it -- or something to that effect --

    My comment was:
    "I think it would contain another sinister looking rabbit like the one Agnes is holding.

    Perhaps IT hatched out of a previous sinister looking black and white egg?" --

    I wonder if you could put it in for me and enter me in the contest???

  4. Posting Nikki's response - who wasn't able to log in -

    When the polka dot egg finally cracked, Agnes was beside herself with gloomy joy. It had been kept under the bed for the last week, wrapped in Agnes' favourite black fleece blanket. Anxious and repeated checking had not hastened the process, but Agnes had continued nonetheless.
    A small dot of blood pooled at the crack and slowly dripped from the egg. Creaking, a small snap and some decidedly unnatural sounds emitted from the opening shell. Agnes peered inside to find a rather sticky and disgruntled faery being, tiny and be-winged. It was too preoccupied with wiping the bloody goo from its hair than with the larger child looming over it.
    "Who are you?" asked Agnes excitedly.
    "Who do you think, you measly big imp? I'm the Eostre Fae. And I'm in serious need of a shower!"


  5. The black and white spotted egg

    rolled out of the basket to under the table leg

    When is stopped rolling

    It cracked open revealing

    a black and white fluffy chick smelling of nutmeg

    Nutmeg you say?

    What an odd odor to play

    How do you think

    a chick of white and spotted ink

    could smell so delightful on its birthday?