Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to my ABCs - the mermaid's wig

As I've stated many times before, I do appreciate creativity but I can not create: no sewing, no knitting, no felting, no crocheting, no needlepoint. You get the picture.

Wait - I did study classical piano for twelve years, but since I haven't touched a piano in thirty plus more - that spell of creativity doesn't count. And it wasn't exactly crafting in any way.

So here's the story. For the summer I want Grayleah (my gray ABCer from Goodreau) to be a mermaid - besparkled in a silver suit sold on the Goodreau site at

Acquiring a suit was no problem although since Paulette has had an extreme volume of orders - her Mystery Pack sale was too great for even non doll people to pass up - it might not arrive for another two weeks. But then - summer won't have arrived and we might  have more snow on the ground if the weathermen predict correctly.

I wanted the perfect fur wig for the outfit. A little goth with a touch of Gaga. White with black or gray streaks in it. (that would be frosted) Resembling this offering from DDE:

Now Grayleah has a large, oddly rounded head - size 10 special made size. Finding such a wig from normal sources seemed impossible. HOWEVER - a very lovely, creative artisan came to my rescue - and the wig story will be continued in another post!

Decisions Decisions 4/16/2011 update -purchased a wig intended to be used with the Mermaid - however - when the meraid outfit arrived Paulette included a fuschia streaked wig that worked so well with the outfit that I decided to keep them together.

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