Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun Vote in sugarbabylove - what?

The real deal - the order arrived April 2011!

Grail doll lists are fun and so is waiting for a pre-order that is to be released in April - and today is the first day of that month. (Happy April Fools Day)

The doll is a Momoko whose picture I first saw on the board of Kawaii Korner. I had seen the Momoko snow white and was delighted with her raven hair and red lips but this gal named Fun Vote is uber goth.

Finding clothes for her ( She can only wear black and white with a splash of color now and then. How do I know this? If you need to ask you are most certainly not a doll collector.) will be difficult and expensive if I stick to my goth theme intentions.

Her first ensemble has been purchased from Etsyian sukra at sugarbabylove:

Since Momoko can also wear most Barbie fashions, a second outfit is arriving shortly: Twilight Jane - whom I found for a very fair price with free shipping on Amazon.

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