Thursday, June 22, 2017

Once was LOST or delayed

This is the story of a minor postal SNAF. Ordered an Eyes of Texas doll via Etsy. Sent couple days Priority Via USPS - supposed to arrive from Texas to PA on a Friday - never happened. That Monday I visited the PO in my town - the head postal person "would get back to me" IF it didn't arrive by the following Friday. Tracking showed that it did well on the journey from Texas to PA BUT got stuck in the Lehigh Valley facility which is an hour and a half drive from my house.

Frustrated I contacted the owner of the Etsy shop (Brenda) who is the BEST of the best in communications. She started a lost mail search and behold - the next day my text update showed it was being shipped from Lehigh Valley and the doll arrived the next day! THANK YOU, Brenda.

About the doll - Brenda's dolls are made by here using a Dianna Effner mold/cast. All fashions/face-ups are also by Brenda.

NOW - I do have a Studio Doll of Little Darling by Uri G. and had previously sold two others for immediate cash for a root canal. Sigh. These dolls retail through Studio Doll for over 300 USD. None of the artists their are currently taking orders. You can be put on an email waiting list - but it appears the wait can be around 18 months. In the meantime, many of the dolls are being sold on Ebay for way above their retail cost through Studio Doll. By WAY above I mean the $350 doll is getting bids of up to 1800 USD per doll!!!!! Enough said.

On to Eyes of Texas - cost begin at 150 USD and this includes doll, face-up, fashion, and shipping!
A lovely 13" doll that comes with any of the three sculpts.

My order was for

"Kaitlin Handmade Doll. Eyes of Texas Dolls. Dianna Effner Doll. Little Darling Doll. Handcrafted Doll. Dianna Effner Mold. OOAK Artist Dolls"

Lovely little dolls - actually purchased two more through Brenda's Eyes of Texas website. Her advert can also be found in the latest issue of DOLLS magazine!

My review on Etsy -

"OMGosh - QUALITY all the way - from communications to packaging to fashion style to doll detailing. Absolutely delighted with my purchase. Kaitlin is absolutely adorable!!! Thank you so much, Brenda."

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