Monday, August 7, 2017

The Marvelous Maudy

Who does not love Maudylynne Macabre from the days of the Tonner doll site. She is extra special when having a proper faceup and dynamic fashion to match. (053)

This gothy girl is part of a triple set created by Peggy Foggio of  Westport Dolls.

Westport Dolls

While Maudys are now reduced to $30 per doll ( from $70) the "basic" does have several stains on her vinyl because of her original fashion of very black stockings and a deep burgundy dress.

In correspondence Peggy commented -
"I created the outfits to go with their original stockings and shoes (which they are wearing) and they ... come with the rest of their original outfit, box & COA. The partial re-root was done in black and burgundy hair, to go with the original outfit and the one made for her."

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