Friday, January 13, 2012

A prim for Agnes Flexi (from Etsyian Needledoodles)

Calling this a combined dolls for dolls and prim post. I always feel better when my displays present the dolls with an appropriate prop nearby or in hand. This - then - requires a separate accumulation of mini toys and dolls.

Flexi Agnes was sitting so lonely in her twig chair (eyes tired from wearing her glasseds and too much online time w/ her mini computer  from Auntie Penne). Friday the 13th and not a Dreary was celebrating. Etsy came to the rescue in my search for a prim pal especially for Flexi. All better now (says Flexi wearing a big Dreary non-grin bc Drearys never smile you know).

link below

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  1. Oh, my goth! How cool! Thank you! :) (I smile too much to be a Drearydom - er)