Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hugetta - part 3

I do own three My Twinns and a few AGs. Never have I owned a doll of this magnitude. When BDFF AM exchanged info about Wednesday's Child after having seen her at the Halloween convention, we both vowed Hugetta would never be added to our collections - esp with a MSRP of  $250. Then we admitted  that we might add her if she dropped down to - let's say twenty-five dollars and - she did! We were obligated. LOL

A size comparison - next to Lenore from My Twinn -

 A size comparison next to Tiny Betsy and Amelia Thimble

Here is Wednesday's Child (re-named Archer) living happily among the dolls in Drearydom Larks.

Side Note: When DH saw her he claimed she wasn't Halloween scary after all - but had a nice calm face. I felt the same way - but then again I too was born  a Wednesday's child (is full of woe)!

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