Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A girl and her doll

DH vacationed w/ friends recently who have the most adorable little girl who loves plush animals, anything pink, and her dolls. When he returned home he went to local shops for a doll to send Em.

He was dismayed with what he found - all glitter and big headed - as he put it.  JUNK - he added. Not dolls at all - JUNK.

So I was asked if I had anything from my collection he could send. I had already swapped Fancy Nancy to a friend who planned to gift it to a child for a 4th birthday present (in return I got a Hagrid for a dear doll friend). There in the back of the closet I found Abby from Mrs. Willoughby's First Grade class. Tonner/Effanbee release circa 2006.

The package was sent and I do believe the recipient approves of the selection!

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  1. Awww, now there is a little girl who loves her babies! She is adorable!!