Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A 4th Anniversary for Agnes Dreary

Been a while since I posted. While one doll celebration brings us to four years since Agnes Dreary arrived and Cheeryaboutagnesdreary was formed on Yahoo groups another doll closure is about to begin in my life. My collection has expanded to over 300 dolls in a rather short time. All were displayed and enjoyed at one point but most have fallen into the sad existence of boxed dolls collecting dust in the closet. Time to begin a relocation program for most of them. Next week I will list those seeking new owners. Been deciding if Ebay, doll boards/groups or Craig's List would be the best method to use - still haven't decided.

But for today - a picture of AnnMarie's twin Drearys under the supervision of Auntie Evangeline Ghastly.


  1. I LOVE this pic! Agnes and Viktor look like the perfect lady and gentleman, while Auntie Evangeline is overseeing them with a certain pride.

  2. Happy, happy Anniversary Agnes Dreary and CAAD!

    I wonder if we can get August 24 as a national holiday eventually?

    Great choice of pics. Then again, AnnMarie is one of the best photographers among the Agdrearyians.